Saturday, 28 December 2013

Crystal magic, Rune Workshops and Business ideas...........

(Apologies to all those on my FB pages - you've already read this bit - so feel free to skip paragraph one!)

Today I went shopping and bought myself some crystals (as I do) and I purchased this little beauty SERAPHINITE (technically this one isn't mine this is a google image - but it's very similar) ..... before going out this morning I said my affirmations (my body is awesome and takes what it needs and releases the excess - i need to lose a few pounds!!!) and asked the Angels to help guide me to my higher purpose and to heal my neck as I keep getting a stiff neck ........... when I got home I looked up the healing properties of my little beauty and ............... Seraphinite is said to help you to find your higher purpose and to identify the actions you need to take to allow you to experience peace and fulfilment.

In healing Seraphinite is believed to aid weight loss and to help release muscle tension in the neck!!

I love the way that the Angels continuously show that they are with me even when I doubt myself and my abilities - they never give up on me! 

I am still reeling from the wonderful feedback I got from the Rune workshop and I'm in the throes of deciding if I can do one from home - whether people would be interested - but I know I have another one booked for later in the year .... 

So, that got me thinking about how, what I wanted to do to grow my business and my Path this year - and I figured that if enough people were interested I would run workshops on other subjects too - but on what ?? so that is the 'work in progress' at the moment ..... I will trust the Angels to guide me to the right subject or the right people will be sent to me to ask me to run them ..... LOL - a combination Angel, Witch and Crystal fanatic should be able to find something to talk about ......... right?? 

I mean it's not like I mix my obsessions up - much!! 

So, that's it for 2013 - I am now looking forward to 2014 with much excitement and I know that the Angels have great things in store for me ............. 

love and angel blessings 

Lesley x x x

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Yule Blessings ...............

I've been feeling a bit 'down' lately and I know it's because of the time of year - this was my Mum's favourite time of year - by now she'd be surrounded by brightly wrapped parcels and be busily telling me what I should be doing and where I should be .......

This will be the second Christmas without her and the first Christmas without Mother in Law - and being honest - it's not any easier ...... I miss my Mum a lot - I know she's with me in spirit and I feel her around me - but I still miss the physical presence ....... time does heal - just not as fast as I would like!

I got thrust into the role of Matriach - a position I never wanted or asked for - but like anything else that comes my way - I make the best of it ......... I hope!

This year has seen a huuuuuuge change in my personal Path and life, and in some respects that also feels like a death of sorts, people that I spoke to and shared my innermost thoughts and feelings with I barely speak to now...

But............ this is titled Yule Blessings - and I have been blessed this year and I know that like the Tower card in the tarot - change happens for a reason, we may not know why at the time - change is necessary to stop us getting stale and stagnating - so I will look on this time of year now as the time when I can shine - I can make my own traditions for Yule and make my own rites and rituals ........... so, yes, I'm a very blessed woman!!

2014 is going to be my year - it's going to be the year that I kick start my business and know that the Angels walk with me and support me in everything I do - they accept me for who I am 'wart's an all !

So, my lovelies this will probably be the last blog post of the year as I'm (possibly) away with work for the next few days - and then it's round to Dad's to celebrate the Season ......

I wish  you all you wish yourselves in this festive period, be safe, stay warm and above all - cherish and love the people you are with!

love and Angel blessings to you all

Lesley x x x

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

2013 - A review

LOL - don't worry I'm not going to go back month by month, but this time of year I do like to do a review, see where I had the greatest highs and lows and see if I can learn from them....

My dearest bestie said to me today that 2013 has been my year and for once I had to disagree with her, I think 2013 has been a year of preparation I think 2014 is going to be the start of something very big for me ...

LOL - you have no idea how weird it felt to write that as I'm really pretty awful at 'pimping' myself - I'd rather let my actions do the talking for me........ anyway,

2013 saw the start of me not only stepping out of my comfort zone - but running away from it and heading into another County!

It started how 2012 had ended with a funeral of my beloved Mother In Law, I was so very blessed to have known her and I know how lucky I was, she didn't interfere and loved me as much as I loved her, but 'fortunately' hers was the only funeral we had to attend this year.

As a family, close and extended with all the death of 2012 we vowed to stay closer and meet up whenever we could - which we managed pretty much apart from one special cuz whose diary rivals my own!!!

I got back in contact with my best friend from my childhood, we had fallen out of touch as our lives had moved on but I am so blessed to have her back - and it's true what they say - five minutes after not seeing each other for over five years it was like we had never lost touch!

I became a Certified Angelic Reiki Practitioner and launched my own company, web page and FB page, I then furthered my journey with the Angels by becoming a Certified Angelic Lightworker ©.  I met some lovely people and my mentors on this journey are fantastic and again I am very blessed, for they are not only my teachers but friends

I became a Priestess of the Old Ways, had some poems published and wrote a Charge of the Goddess to be included in a book

On the downside, I left the school that I had co-founded and left behind some special people, I got busier and busier at work which meant that I didn't have time to do everything that I wanted to do - and something had to give.

So, what's on the horizon for this old bird - well, December isn't finished yet and this weekend sees me fly solo hosting my own Rune workshop! I am just about to hand in my last homework for a Crystal Therapy course and I've been approached to host a table at a few Mind, Body and Spirit fairs.

I've signed up for the Angelic Reiki III which will be my Master Practitioner and then I am hoping to follow that up with Teachers courses for both the Reiki and the Lightworker courses.

Ohhh and a ten week course on Chakra's ............. 'cos you can never have enough learning right?

My diary is filling up with clients and my free time will be spent with my family ............ ohhh and work!

Have a Blessed Yule, a wonderful Christmas and a bright start to your New Year,

Thank you for following me and I look forward to blogging more next year!

love Lesley x x x 

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Whoop, whooop - I've done it ............

Not the greatest picture - but whoo hooo I've done it - I've passed and am now a Certified Angelic Lightworker © and have to say I am over the moon and so pleased - I think you can tell how much by the grin on my face here

I think the Angels were excited too - check out the orbs on my dress!

It's been a life changing process, one I didn't enter into lightly but even I am surprised by how much my life has changed since starting on the course ....

I've made lifelong friends, I've been blessed to have been taught by two of the most beautiful women I've ever met - beautiful inside and out .... but more than that I have a deeper and greater understanding of me - where my faults and strengths lie.

It hasn't been an easy road - I lost 'friends' that I cared about deeply as our Paths diverged, was it because I changed - probably, and I don't doubt for one moment that that is how they see it - but I've come to the conclusion that no matter what I have to be true to my heart and to my integrity.

Letting the Angels into my life has made me a much calmer, more accepting person - yes I still get moments when I get riled, cross or upset - but I now have the tools to help me to overcome these lower energy moments and the blessing I get from helping people more than outweighs any 'bad' I've encountered!

So, I just want to say - thank you to my mentors, my friends, my husband and my Angels for the guidance, love, respect and honour that you have shown me - this Certificate is as much for them as it is for me ....

Whooooooooooooooop, whoooooooooooop we did it !!!!

love and Angel blessings

Lesley x x x

Friday, 29 November 2013

Friday night .............

I remember when Friday night was THE night - coming home from work, grabbing something to eat and then heading upstairs to get ready for a night on the town with the tunes pumping and the drinks flowing ......

LOL, not anymore it takes me too long to recover!!!

This Friday night I'm going to stay home and spend some time with the Grandkids, and watch the darts and have an early night ......... am I old .......... nope!

I actually don't feel mentally any different now to how I did then - the difference is ............. well, my Path for one - it's hard to work with the Angels whilst recovering from a mamoth hangover and would I be any kind of healer if I tried to heal while feeling like death warmed over!?

And, this weeked I have a fantastic weekend lined up working with the Angels as I graduate from my Angelic Lightworker course ......... I have learned so much, not only about the Angels, ArchAngels and the Ascended Masters but also about myself .........

I am a complex human, I have frailities, I have fears, I have doubts and I have moments when I just want to chuck it all in and give up .......... but, this Path, this life that I am living always, ALWAYS gives me the reason to go on - to keep dreaming, to keep searching, to keep learning and living.... the blessings and joy outweigh any saddness or sorrow and I know when I look around me and see the rainbow, the spiders cobweb on a wintry morn, the smile of the Grandkids.  When I hear the chuckle of a baby, when I hear the laughter of a loved one - that I matter, that I am part of a multi-layered wheel of life and that I should (and am) be grateful for every single experience.

Tonight when I turn in I'm going to be grateful for the peace and quiet that seems so loud after the Grandkids leave, but while they are here I will be grateful for the love, laughter, tears and tantrums that two under sixes can produce ........!!!

love and blessings to you all

Lesley x x x

Friday, 22 November 2013

Ribbons and Runes ............

image courtesy of google search - author unknown

Hmmm - great name for a FB page :D

This last week or so I've been working on Ribbon readings and writing a Rune workshop - hence the title.. and do you know what - I feel pretty good ...which is unusual for this time of year.........

Normally, I am fretting about presents not yet purchased, food not yet bought and who is going where and when - but this year I'm going to go with the flow!

I've also been working on myself, ............ now that is usual for this time of year - I start to reflect and look back on the year and all the good and not so good that I've gone through to get to this point ..........have to say this year has been a MASSIVE improvement on last year - only one funeral and one wedding!

Weighing up my year it has been one of immense highs and of stepping not only out of my comfort zone but taking a leap into another continent!!!

I've hosted workshops with support and in December on my own, I've taken courses and learnt so many new things, I've helped people through working with the Angels, I've mentored some awesome people on their own Path's and had the privilage of sharing their journey with them ....

I've been on retreats, ate far too much cake, I've laughed, I've cried, I've drummed up a storm - I've made some new friends that mean the world to me and lost some old friends along the Path, but I know that if it is meant to be then we will meet again...

I've strengthend bonds that have been made over many lifetimes - sometimes those bonds have stretched thin but they have stayed intact.... despite me being a pain the derriere!

I've worked hard, I've played hard, I've made mistakes and I've strived to be the best that I can be at all times - I've been true to myself and to my Path and that's cost me at times - but - I've been me .... and that really is all I can ever be!

This year isn't finished yet - I will be graduating as an Angelic Lightworker next weekend, I'm running the Rune workshop and I'm getting my Angelic Reiki level II and all before Christmas..... LOL

I am so very, very blessed - but through all of this year, the good, the bad, the downright ugly, one person has stood by my side, held my hand, wiped my tears and been my rock - so this is a massive shout out to the person that means the world to me and without whom I wouldn't be the person I am ......... Gordon Lightbody ...... my best friend, my husband, my Soul mate!

love and angel blessings to you all

Lesley x x x

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Speaking my truth ...........

I've struggled for a long time with whether to post a blog about this or not - but being on the Path I am means that I accept and live by Perfect Love and Perfect Trust and that means being true to myself as much as it means being honest with others ...........

So, what has been gnawing away at me......... well, it's quite simply this - people believing that they can teach others without any experience to draw upon....

I've been studying and learning my Craft for years, I've read, I've practised and I've done loads - but does that entitle me to teach all aspects of the craft ....... no it doesn't........ there are things I only know in 'theory' and wouldn't dream of telling others how to do it - I may offer an opinon, I may offer an additional point of view - but run a workshop or teach it .......... no way!!!

I've taught myself how to read the Runes, I read them by intuition .........BUT......... i've read loads of books, I've studied others and I've read the runes for people and learnt by their feedback.

I'm currently studying Angelic Reiki, and one day I hope to teach others - but that's years in the future as I have to get enough experience under my belt to be able to help in any situation that arises. 

I've been attuned to Usui Reiki and I've used it to heal my husband, myself and friends and family - but again I've got years on this Path working with it on a weekly, if not daily basis before I would feel qualified to teach it .............

Being attuned to Master/Teacher Reiki does not necessarily give you the automatic right to go out and teach it to others ........ you are working with the highest energy possible, you are working on other peoples energy and you have to be of the purest intent when doing so........ you wouldn't pass your driving test and then the next week start teaching others - you have no experience of the road to pass on any knowledge!

So, if you are thinking of learning any aspect of this Craft, or of any Healing module then please be diligent - check out the credentials of the person offering to teach you, find out how long they have been actually doing what it is that you are enquiring about, find out where and who they learned from - any reputable 'teacher' would have no problem with you doing that ............

Being a Reiki Master is a long road of working with and for others - it's not a one stop shop - the healing that you are being trained to do is of the highest calling and shouldn't be entered into lightly - you are learning  an ancient healing that can not be learned in a day!

love Lesley x x x

Sunday, 10 November 2013

October ............. saying Goodbye and saying hello!!

Well, what an odd month October has been - the biggest things that have happened is that I've said Goodbye to the Kitchen Witch school - the decision was taken with a lot of sadness, heartache and grief...

I had lived, breathed and delighted in the school for two years, there had been laughs, triumphs, tears and sorrow - but I had reached the end of my road there ....

So, that was my goodbye - I have (and still am grieving) for what could have been but, it was not to be...

I called in the Angels and asked them to show me where the next part of my journey was going and HELLO!!! - the first call I had was to write a Rune workshop ........ me........... and whilst I was flattered I was also terrified and fluffed an answer - but - the Angels weren't going to let me off that easily! and I was asked again - this time not only did I say yes - I even agreed a date!!!!

December is going to be a very productive month for me :D

I've set up a new forum, I've agreed to meet local Pagans - so all in all while I may feel that I've left my Path behind - the reality is - I'm on to exciting adventures with the Angels and my guides to walk with me.........

Wanna come along for the ride??

love Lesley x x x

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Meditation to meet your Guardian Angel

Sitting quietly with feet flat on the floor and hands palms facing up on your lap.

Focus on your breathing, feel the breaths coming slow and steady, breath in and feel the light enter your body and as you breath out release all the stresses and strains.

Breath in and feel the light enter your lungs and descend to your toes and as you breathe out feel your shoulders, neck, arms, jaw and eyes relax.

See yourself standing in front of an oak staircase, look up and see it spiralling towards the sky. Start to climb the stairs and know that you can do this effortlessly. You climb and start to feel lighter as you leave your physical body below.

When you reach the top of the stairs you are met by a shining golden gate, it's very ornate with twist and turns in the metal. You open the latch and step through the gate.

You are in a meadow, you can see daisies and buttercups and can hear in the distance the faint tinkling of a stream, it's very peaceful, you can feel the sun warming your face as you look up to see the puffy white clouds in the blue sky.

You can see a sandy path running through the meadow, you start to walk down it and as you do you become aware of the sounds of birds, a sparrow, a thrush and a wren.

Following the path you come to a clearing and here you can see the stream that you heard before, you sit by the edge and see the sun glinting off of the ripples the small breeze is making on the water.

You lay back and just lay there,

You become aware of a figure approaching you, you turn to look at them, they are the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

This is your Guardian Angel, your angel sits by your side and you are aware of how much love is surrounding you, how comfortably you feel and how much your Angel wants to be there with you.

You ask your Angel for their name.

You ask your Angel for guidance of whatever is bothering you at this moment.

Your Angel gathers you into a soft embrace and kisses you gently on the forehead, you both stand up and turn to walk back along the Path, you know you can come back to this space at anytime.

You walk back to the meadow and the grass seems greener, the daisies whiter and the buttercups yellower than before.

You reach the gate and step through, your Angel comes with you

You start to walk down the stairs and your Angel matches you step by step. You come back to the room and become aware of your body, aware of the chair that you are sitting in and aware of your breath. Your Angel is with you.

When you are ready come back to yourself, wiggle your fingers and toes and know that although you can't always see them your Guardian Angel is right by your side ready to help you whenever you ask them to.

Love and light 

Lesley x x x

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Slow down .......... you go too fast!

This is a timely reminder for me, when I get started on something I want to get it all done as quickly as possible, I want to be 'doing' all the time - but I need to slow down, take it easy and savour all the good (and bad) things that come my way!

I am on this Path for life now and I don't need to be doing everything that comes my way - I can take my time, somethings will work out for me, resonate with me and be there as a tool for the rest of my life, others will leave me cold and I'll end up forgetting about it ....... it doesn't matter - as my Mum always used to tell me - all good things come to those that wait and whilst patience never was a virtue of mine - I'm going to take some time out and focus on what I have with me at the moment - then I can move forward with love, confidence and the knowledge that it's my time to shine!

love and light to all

Lesley x x x

Sunday, 27 October 2013

De-cluttering ..

image courtesy of google search - artist unknown

I've spent a lot of time today de-cluttering and whilst it does keep the house tidy (hubby is a bit of a hoarder and needs keeping in check) .. it's also a great thing to do Spiritually.

We carry a lot of baggage around with us, everyone we meet and every place we go impacts on our aura and we leave a bit of our energy behind.

Sometimes this connection (cord) thins out and disappears all on it's own - and sometimes it's strengthened as we find a common theme with the person, and visit the 'connection' again and again.

Once this happens we have the problem that if the connection becomes poisioned with negativity it can start to affect us physically and mentally, so it's good to have a de-clutter and rid ourselves of all that no longer serves us mentally and Spiritually as well as having a good old clear out of space and removal of cobwebs!!

Today, after de-cluttering my bedroom - I took out some paper and a pencil and wrote a letter to the Angels asking them to help me to forgive and forget past hurts, to release the emotional cords that tie me to people that harbour only negative thoughts towards me and to help me to walk this Path with continued love, compassion and integrity .........

Its a simple but highly effective thing to do - I feel better and brighter than I did and ohhh I should point out here that cutting the cord to anyone does not affect their free will nor does this cause any harm, you are still connected to them (if you wish to be) and you can now rebuild the cord with love and positivity.

love and light to you

Lesley x x x

Friday, 25 October 2013

Arrrgh to technology - but YAYYYYY for winning

LOL - I've struggled with putting this on a background all afternoon - technology is sooo not my thing


Lesley x x x


I've been seeing a lot of rainbows lately, real ones in the sky (most memorably at my nieces wedding) and on oracle cards I've drawn for myself so - what does a rainbow signify ...

Journey's end or journey's beginning??

Personally, for me I think it's both - I may never find that 'crock of gold' but the journey is going to be pretty spectacular ....

I'm very blessed in that I have the freedom, the support and guidance around me to follow my dreams and rainbows and know that even if I get it wrong and stumble along the way there will be someone who will pick me up, dust me off and put me back on track ...

So to them I say thank you for believing in me - even when I didn't believe in myself ....

love and Angel blessings

Lesley x x x

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Name change for the blog..........

Everything happens for a reason I firmly believe that and lately I've felt less and less like a Raven as I've worked more and more with the Angels - so, I've renamed the blog to fit in with my new Path ... (and business)

When you travel this Path, it's easy to lose sight of yourself as you learn new things and meet new people and follow distracting by ways ....

I have felt a little lost for a while now, very alone and scared.  Last night I treated myself to an early night off from work and had myself a meditation and my Dragon flew in and blew my 'cage' up ... yep, I'd trapped myself in a mess of my own making .....

image courtesy of Anne Stokes

This is the second time that Dragon has burnt my 'comfort zone' to the ground, think He likes me on the edge and facing up to things ......... Scary tho!

I think this is the start of many new ventures for me, some I will flow through and some I will struggle and possibly even fail at - but you know what .......... that's ok - I will open my heart and my Soul and listen to the inner voice of the Source, the one that speaks loudest when I'm following my dreams.

Raven, like Bunni before her has served her purpose - She will always be with me as I wear her on my arm with pride and love ...

I will still be a Witch, I was born one and will die one, but now I forge a new Path following the Old ways and the Angelic ways ....

But, I will always be myself..... for I can not be anything other than what you see....

love and light always

Lesley x x x

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears ............ Oh My!

Apologies to L Frank Baum and Judy Garland for stealing their line there....

But, it really has felt like that lately ....... my last blog was titled 'Follow the Yellow Brick Road' as it was a bit of a ramble - but I am definitely following some enchanted Path ..........

Now, what happens when you let go of fear, self-doubt and insecurity - well, something magical happens the authentic you takes a step forward and starts leading you gently by the hand to all things wonderful ....

 I've spent years doubting myself, worrying that I will fail and being too scared to speak up for what I feel is right for me........ and that's stopped .......... now, I do still have fears and doubts and worries - I am, after all only human, but I've stopped listening to that fear and started listening to the voice that says


The worse possible outcome never happens - if I say no at work I'm not going to get the sack - and if I do - well then that wasn't the job for me..... if I eat that cake and my trousers get a bit snug - well, that's just too bad 'cos I like cake ........ and what is even more overwhelming for this bird is that ..............

People still like me ........... not one person has told me to 'go forth and multiply' and no one has told me to visit a taxidermist! In fact, I would say that's the most liberating thing of all - I've stopped worrying what people think of me .......... yes, I still value my friends and loved ones opinions - but I've stopped giving my power away ........ if I want to do something then I go and do it - the only person that I will defer to is my hubby ......... but don't tell him I said that!!!

I am in a good place (despite some pretty horrid things in the last week or so) ...... I'm feeling good about me and my Path, and its all because I stopped trying to halt the flow and well, just let it happen! ....

As someone once said .........

love Raven x x x

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Follow the Yellow Brick Road................

So much has happened in the last couple of days that I'm not sure I'm going to remember it in any particular order - so this is apt to ramble....  so you may want to "Follow the Yellow Brick Road"

Had a fantastic evening at the Psychic Supper at Chi Coffee on Thursday night.   I didn't know what to expect and was slightly worried about how it would be for me with all that energy flowing and my empathy growing and getting stronger - but I needn't have worried it was a blast - I ate with Autumn Ravenflower, Amunhart and Sun and I don't think we stopped giggling from the time we sat down to the time we left .... Bless them - Sun sees my naughty side quite often but Autumn and Amun normally see me leading a workshop or standing centre circle where I try to keep the naughtiness to a minimumn (try and fail) .....

The reading I had (with Polly Harnett) was fantastic - Mum came through and explained why she did some of the stuff she did and realised that it had hurt me and caused me a lot of pain - Mum is now on the road to her enlightenment and releasing all the regrets .... how wonderful is that??!!??

Polly then went on to talk about my Path and how at the moment I'm soaking up all the knowledge and will use it in a way that works for me (apparently I'm quite stubborn and don't like doing things in a set way ......... me??? really???? ) and that I've worked hard to get onto this Path that will now flow and soar for me.... also, that it's ok for my friends to do things without me as I need and will be doing things on my own - teaching being one of them!!! *gulp* .... also, that it's ok for me to say no and to make sure I rest and relax because I'm always on the go!

The next day saw me heading back down to Chi for a day of Tarot sharing and I did a few Angel readings - the more I do the more confident I'm getting with them - so that was good fun then in the evening we did the Shamballa bracelet making workshop - I am so in love with mine ........ They are fairly easy to make as well, as long as someone doesn't speak and break up the under, over, through and pull thought!

Saturday was the Shaman and Chocolate workshop - have to say the title was very misleading as we only had two Maltezers and that's not enough chocolate!! but the actual healing, journeying and energy was amazing - we did several journeys and in one I was handed a gift by my Witch Doctor guide - a white feather, some bones and some herbs - which to me symbolizes what Polly had said the previous day - I will take what I need from the workshops I'm taking and blend them into what will work with me!

The lady that was running the workshop picked up on my love for crystals and said that I would / should do a crystal course - LOL - she also picked up on the fact I like the more unusual crystals ....... how true! She also mentioned that I'd had a tough time but was now soaring .........

I also met a Native American (young lad) and he told me that I should stop with the self-doubt and fears as I had nothing to worry about!

Near the end with did the Walk of Angels - we all paired up and made a tunnel with our hands (for the Brits think Oranges and Lemons game) and then as each of us walked through the people either side whispered something positive about that person ....... I don't remember all that was said - but one thing stayed with me -.....

"Step into your power and don't be afraid"

I'm going to use that as an affirmation and work with that one!

So, that brings me to today - and today has been a bit flat - not least because somehow, somewhere I've lost my Shiva pendulum - I know everything happens for a reason but I still feel totally bereft and want to cry .... I had such a connection with that pendulum it feels like my right hand has been cut off Sad

But, I'm not going to dwell on that - I'm going to rejoice that we can have a double whammy party for Autumn and Amun both students in my Clan at Kitchen Witch School - who have now passed the Forest of Beginnings .......... I'm so proud of them ....

Ohhhh, and we have the Mabon ritual tonight as well ...........

love Raven x x x

Sunday, 1 September 2013

WOW - September already

White rabbits everybody ............

This year has just flown by and this coming weekend see's me starting my Angelic Lightworker course and I'm so excited .....

So, what else is in store for me this month .... well, we are still busy over at the Kitchen Witch school both on and off line and this month I have one weekend where I'm not out and about with them :D

Work is getting busy again and with the puppy too - I'm going to be a busy bee.... but with luck and a following wind - it's all going to be awesome ........

I'm also working with and getting to know my Angel guides ... and that just makes my heart sing ....

Hope this month brings you nothing but joy and happiness

love and Angel Blessings

Raven x x x

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sunny Sunday............. kinda

Morning all,

It's Bank Holiday here in the UK and in typical fashion it's being raining fairly solidly for two days - still it's sunny where it matters - here in my heart :D

So, what have I been up to lately??

Working hard, moving desks and generally playing with the pup ..... she has just had her second set of jabs so we will be able to take her out and about next weekend - can't wait - she's getting livelier and more playful every day .........

Unfortunately, I have lost a pair of shoes and a pair of slippers - but that's a small price to pay for the smile she puts on my face!

I've also put together the Healing room and set up a healing Crystal grid and today I've purchased a Merkaba .... can't wait for that to arrive!!!

Today I am off with the KW ladies to a drumming circle and I'm quite excited to be raising some energy and sending healing to the world ....

Til next time

love and Angel Blessings to you all

Raven x x x

Monday, 19 August 2013

How can you work with the Angels and be a Witch ........

image courtesy of google search - artist unknow

I've been asked a few times recently how do I blend my Angelic work with being a Witch ..... so, I thought I'd blog my answer ........

This is purely my own personal Path, I'm not dissing anyone or saying that this is how it HAS to be ... this is my way...........

Personally, I don't see the two as being seperate and distinct Paths - mine blend and each enhances the other.  I view Diety as a whole, the Divine and I see and speak to Spirits that may be Guides or maybe Angels - I normally, ask who is there to help me with whatever the situation is ..... admittedly the Angels step forward first a lot - but that's because they are so eager to help us .... it's what they 'live' for after all.

I have never been (due to my own moral compass) someone that wishes harm or ill feelings on someone - so I've always 'operated' from a position of love and compassion, when I work a spell it's only to serve mine or someone else's Highest Self, so it's easy to incorporate the Angelic love and wisdom into any of my spell work.

When I do a Rune casting, Card reading, or Chakra balancing again it's only done with the utmost love and care and again, it's easy to ask the Angels, ArchAngels or Ascended Masters for help with that - and again they are happy to assist - all we have to do is ask!

Being a Witch is what I am, I am a Witch at home, at work, asleep or awake, I can't 'turn it off' to become a Lightworker, I'm an Empath 24/7 as well .... so, how could the two workings be seperate??

Yes, I follow the Wheel of the Year (not always on the exact days) but that's my personal choice, I don't always have a full ritual - in fact, the majority of the time I will light a candle and just meditate on the Sabbat, but that's me... I work full time, I'm a mother, grandmother, wife and daughter, co-run the KW School and write lessons, workshops and rituals and so,  I don't always have time for grand rituals at home .......

The Angels complete me, I view them with love and know that they are with me daily, they choose to urge me to work with them, yes there have been a few nay-sayers along my Path that have told me I'm not 'cut out' for this Path, but I kept the faith and now have a Path that works with me and I work with it... I've been told I'm a natural channeller .......... this is normally after I've come out with something profound and then look totally shocked........ I don't know I do it, I can't turn it on and off - but that's another thing for me to learn and I'm excited to learn how to incorporate the loving energy of the Angels into more and more of my life .........

Walking this Path is so very personal, what works for me might not work with someone else, and that's absolutely the way it should be - my way is just that MY way, it's not going to resonate with everyone or anyone else ..........

I am at peace with my Path, I don't justify it or announce it, I live it ....... and the Angels help me to do that, I have to giggle tho, as I have had people tell me that they are Lightworkers from 9 - 10, then they have a coffee and then they research some stuff, then they do their 'witchiness' from 12 - 4, then they are a mother, father, etc - then they meditate from 8 - 9 then they go to bed ........ jeepers I couldn't do that - for one thing - when Spirit speaks and moves in you - it has no linear timeframe - so, how does it know that at 11 minutes past 12 you are not Witch??

I hope this blog answers some of the questions - in short - I am who I am and I can't be anything other than myself :D and hopefully you like that about me...

love and Angel blessings

Raven x x x

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Lazy days of Summer .....

LOL - well, not really, I've been a busy bird lately....

Yesterday saw us at the Kitchen Witch Hazel Moon ritual at QECP, slightly soggy but a lovely, lovely energy raised and while we were drumming I had the pleasure of seeing a lovely fairy bubble floating through the trees!!!

Today, we headed into town to get our eldest's birthday present - but the first stop was Waterstones - I had a £10 gift voucher burning a hole in my purse ........ LOL - £23 later and I have another set of Oracle cards and two new books (technically, only the oracle cards are mine the two books belong to youngest and hubby!!!) ............ I'm so blessed!

Then we went off to find paint for the Reiki room - found so many things that just 'went' with the vision in my head of how I want the room to look - it's going to be a peaceful haven from all the stresses and strains of life ......... Can't wait to start.......... however, it's going to have to wait until Tuesday when hubby will have help in removing the sofa that's in the room at the moment ........ stick around I may do before and after pics ....

Now it's time to connect to the cards and see how they work for me ........

love and Angel Blessings to you all

Raven x x x

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Anniversary and Angel Reiki .......

Well, today has been productive and a little awesome - it's mine and hubby's 15th Wedding Anniversary and we haven't really done much in the way of celebrating - we've been together now for 22 years - and although we have had many ups and downs and last year was the year from hell for us - we've come through it stronger than ever ....

We do bicker, but we rarely fight anymore - before I found my Path I was at a very low, dark place, I felt out of step with the world - and we were heading for a divorce - it's not a place I ever want to visit again - but we came through that - we talked, we worked at it and we kept our sense of humour (we do take the pee out of each other a lot)

Finally, being able to put a name to my 'over sensitivity' or Empathy was as much a breakthrough as any other part of this journey we have both taken - he may not believe but he walks with me every day!

And, so that brings us to today .... and, well, quite simply - I love him with all my heart and I know that he loves me too....

He bought me a treatment table for the Angel room as my anniversary gift - so that I can 'do it' properly ... yep, he is pretty special ....

*and yep I will still moan about his feet smelling and his snoring*

Also, today I received my Angel Reiki business cards - boy how grown up that makes me feel - and the magnetic side plates for the car ......

I'm really doing this!!!

love n Angel blessings to everyone

Raven x x x

Friday, 9 August 2013

As promised ......... here's the exciting news ....

Here she is - our little bundle of mischief ........ Molly!!!

We've had our hands full this week with her - it is most definitely like having a baby in the house again - having to get up during the night for wee breaks ......... but she is adorable and for some reason loves my feet!!!

Last night we had a bit of a rough one with her so I gave her some Angelic Reiki and boy is she an excited minx tonight - chewing and prancing and acting the clown - Goddess love her!

The other bit of news is I've started the website for my Angelic Reiki business - I do feel very grown up - especially as I have ordered business cards and various marketing paraphanelia .... did seem a bit like tooting my horn a bit too much tho ......

So the link to the business is here

Let me know what you think of the site ... it's still a work in progress - but it's getting there :D

love and Angel Blessings

Raven x x x

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Exciting Times and Holibobs.............

Phew what a flurry of activity the last week has seen for me and the rest of the roost....

Firstly, last weekend saw me become a Certified Angel Reiki practioner - and I'm soooo happy about that - it's something that has been calling me for a while, but, having had my 'dreams stolen' from me it took me a while to 'claim' my title........

I did 'worry' a little after I signed up for the course on how working with Angels would work with my Path of being a Witch - and I needn't have worried at all - they compliment each other so well and it's enhanced my Path immersurably!

I am working on a website where I will be able to offer Angelic Reiki and readings and other bits and pieces but that's a work in progress at the moment...... watch this space!

After the Reiki weekend we headed off to the Lakes ........ did ya miss me?? and stayed in a lovely Grade II listed hotel .... which had the strangest of energies to it - nothing I could pinpoint or 'tap' into to see who or what ..... just echo's of the past ........ made sleeping a tad difficult which then played into the daily adventures ........ I'm a tad grumpy when I have no sleep.........

Strangely, our last night there (where we had to get up at the crack of dawn for an earlybeatthetraffic getaway) was the best night I had all week!

Tomorrow is the Kitchen Witch Schools Crystal workshop and i'm looking forward to that ANNNNNNNNNND also........... no, you can wait for that one :P

love and angel blessings

Raven x x x

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Two for Tuesday ...........

I know, I know two in one day!!!

I went to Staples today to buy a cork board so I could fashion myself a vision board - and here is the result ...

 So, what is a vision board I hear you cry ..... well, basically its a board that you put somewhere you will see it everyday and then you put things on it that you want to achieve .... for me there is a cheque for prosperity - there is a dove for peace, a page of hearts and love as that's what I want to give and receive.  Audrey Hepburn as she is the woman I admire most for her poise and tranquility (and she's gorgeous) and an English Cottage as that's where I would love to live in peace and harmony with my family......... 

It seems that the overriding factor on my board is peace, love, grace and compassion - that's what I want in my life.......... how about you?? 

Anyhoo, once I got the pens and paper out I felt I had to have a go at drawing something - now drawing isn't my forte but I quite like this quirky Witch .... 

Love the boots - but the face went a bit screwy! 

By the way................. can you tell I'm on holiday!!??!!? 

love Raven x x x 

Gratitude ....

(image taken from google search - artist unkown)

I've been feeling incredibly blessed lately .... as well as a bit hinky .... and so yesterday and today I took time out to say thank you to my body, my universe and to my Angels ...

I have always found life's lessons a little hard to swallow when I've felt that I haven't done anything wrong - you know the ones where someone takes an immediate dislike to you, or the one where a ' friend' is the one that spends most of their time putting you and your dreams down ....

But, i'm learning albeit slowly that these lessons are here to help me to appreciate the blessings in my life - the love and support of my husband is one area where I feel I've been taking it for granted...

I want for nothing in that area, he loves and supports my Path even if he doesn't follow it, I'm allowed to put my 'witchy' bits out for all to see and I'm allowed (within reason) to spend as much time following my Path as there are hours in the day.... and at the end of the day his reasoning is if i'm happy he is happy - and yes I've taken advantage of that in the past ....... not my proudest moment!

My daughters and grandchildren are happy, healthy and unique individuals that brighten my life immensely (but if my eldest has another child I AM emigrating!!!!) :D .....

I'm also very grateful for my 'gifts' yes, being an Empath can be exhausting and can make you feel like you don't even own your 'thoughts' but it gives me an insight into how others react to me - if they choose not to tell me then at least I have a chance to modify my behaviour towards them ... yep, I'm aware that sounds like I'm going against their free will - but in honesty, if their feelings are making ME feel bad then I have the right to make myself feel good.... I am not in control of their emotions only how I react to them!

I am grateful and blessed by the opportunities my Path has opened up for me and I'm grateful for all those opportunites to come .... I'm also grateful for any missed opportunities - they may have passed me by but in seeing them I learn that they come in many shapes, sizes and guises!

From being one that always looks for the 'trouble over the bridge' i'm changing and turning to one who looks at every event as a learning tool to become the best that I can be .......... I will still get it wrong - but in getting it wrong I learn what I don't want or need in my life ........

I'm also grateful for this little blog - a place where I can put my thoughts down and read back and learn the lessons!

love and gratitude to you dear reader

Raven x x x

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Reading, reading, website building ................

I always have been a bit of a bookworm - when I get my nose stuck into the cover of a well written book I'm a cover to cover kind of girl .... yes, it's been known that I will take it with me for a loo break *oops* and yes, it's been known for me to stay up all night engrossed ....

I will read anything, I've even read the back of the cornflake box at the breakfast table if nothing else is available.

If a book is good enough and holds my attention than I am blessed in that I will remember, if not the actual words then at least the 'idea'... So, can you imagine my excitement when I got a letter from the lovely Sue Owen at Angels on Cloud Nine and it included a list of books to read for the course I'm about to study!

Yep, I bounced and headed straight to Amazon to purchase the recommendations!  Out of the five books I bought four have arrived already and I've been nose deep in them!!! Heaven!!...... well, apart from being seriously ripped off on the price of one of them £16.99 charged and when the book arrived the RRP was only £4.99........... still, you live and learn!

I've only stopped reading long enough to start building a nice, sparkly and new website to promote my services to the World .... that's still a work in progress but I'm enjoying the challenge!!

So, what is a girl to do when she's faced with two weeks of holiday ........ why, go and buy more books of course!!!   Although, I didn't - but I did get a fancy new cover for my overused Kindle ........ yep, I have more books and Kindle books than you can shake a stick at ........... and that makes my heart sing!

love and light to you

Raven x x x

Monday, 15 July 2013

Been a while ............. Rune Draw 15th July 2013

JERA ~ Harvest, Fertile Season

You reap what you sow, you've sown the seeds and now it's time to cultivate and prepare for the full harvest.  Success is ensured as this is the Rune of beneficial outcomes - but for now .... patience is a virtue!!!!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

More power to your elbow............

That was one of my Mum's favourite sayings when I announced I was going to do something, have to admit I'm not sure of the exact meaning behind it - but I've always thought that it meant she was wishing me more oomph for the project!

Anyway, I wasn't going to do a blog today, being honest when I came in from work I was feeling angry, frustrated, hurt and deeply upset with myself ........... but then "by the power of FB" I read something which changed my mindset completely .........New Moon, New Musings from Colette Baron-Reid

"We cannot be all things to all people" is the phrase that did it....and it made me think - if no one told me I couldn't do it (whatever it is) would I then worry half as much about doing 'it' ... no, I'd just crack on and go for broke............

I wrote a poem many, many, many moons ago - way before I started on this Path of discovery, and it sums up what I'm trying to say

If i was a mirror what would you see
when you happened to glance at me
would you see tears, sorrow and pain
always the victim someone to blame

If i was a mirror what would you see
when you happened to glance at me
would you see laughter, joy and fun
a ray of brightness like the sun

If i was a mirror what would you see
when you happened to glance at me
would you see stubborness, sheer pride
a chip on the shoulder a mile wide

If i was a mirror what would you see
when you happened to glance at me
would you see friendship powerful and true
reflecting the love right back to you 

Monday, 8 July 2013

Workshops....... and Wonderings

WOW how time flies when you are having fun eh??

This weekend saw our Way of the Witch workshop held at Chi Coffee in Portsmouth and it was a lovely turnout on what I think was the hottest day of the year so far - lots of interesting people with some brilliant questions ....

One of them had me wondering last night when I got home and could finally rest my aching feet .....

What is better being a Solitary or being part of a Coven??? - actually now I think about it - it wasn't so much a question as a conversation we were having .......... I digress,

I'm a Solitary Witch, in that I cast my spells (few and far between) on my own, I do my research on my own but I do my rituals and workshops as part of a Coven so, as I have a foot in both camps so to speak I'll let  you know my personal opinion.....

I think being a Solitary is great, but if you do everything on your own you can't get the other side of the picture, seeing ideas being bounced around and people nodding or shaking their heads when you come up with something is very educational.  

I've long believed that you can't learn by reading alone, and if you teach you are taught by your students - they always give you something to think about - or approach a problem in a different way.....

However, being in a group also has it's drawbacks - with any part of life when you come into contact with strong willed people there is bound to be the odd 'ego clash'.  Petty jealousy and rivalries erupt and even if you aren't involved it's bound to create a sense of dramarama and the smallest things end up being blown out of all proportion!

Or the other side of the equation, surrounding yourself with 'yes' men/women will lead to an inflated sense of self and then you become the impossible person in the group!!!

Finding a good group of people to share your beliefs, workings, dreams, hopes and aspirations with is difficult and takes time and over time the group of 20 - 30 will dwindle as you get to know and trust each other, people that don't serve the groups 'highest Self' will naturally fall by the wayside and that brings it's own upsets and challenges.

But............. when you do find that group the blessings are unimaginable, it's as tho you can fly, nothing is too much effort and you know that no matter what you are supported and loved and cherished for what you bring to the group, there is no ego - there is no "I'm better than you" it just ........... works.   There will still be niggles and challenges - we are after all human with all that entails - but you know that no obstacle, niggle, blimp or wibble will be unsurmountable and sharing your Craft with others enables you to grow and dream bigger and bigger ........ and those dreams may or may not include a bus!!! 

love and blessings to all

Raven x x x

Friday, 5 July 2013

Dream Stealers .... Psychic Vampires and the urge to write .....

Little things have been really niggling me lately and it's more than just Mercury being in retrograde - that stuff normally passes me by anyway....

Image curtesy of google search - artist unknown

Yesterday it all came to a head - and I was having a mini meltdown and just couldn't figure out what was going on that had got me so 'out of sorts' and I realised that yet again I was letting people steal my dreams ... oh I don't mean that they were going out of their way to reduce me to wobbling wibbleness - but little things were beginning to add up........

So, what do you do when someone is trying to steal your dream and suck your energy dry - well, I did a Despaucho ...... and as it burned I visualised my energy coming back to me and a big pair of gleaming scissors cutting the cords to them!

For those that don't know what a Despaucho is ... it's explained here .... Arthur explains Despacho's - I wrote mine and then wrapped it in a spell I'd improvised

Angel wings and cleansing shower
Guide me to my ultimate power
Psychic vampires I can do without
I AM worthy and there's no doubt

Guide me, heal me, make me whole
Guide me to what nourishes my Soul
Let this draining energy release
My heart and leave me in peace

By the power of elements four
I lay these requests at your door
By the power of water, earth, air and fire
This is my will and my desire

As with any spell, what you are releasing needs to be replaced with something or the Divine will feel that space with more of the same - so as I released my fear, self loathing, anger and jealousy - I replaced them with love, peace, compassion and friendship!

Do I feel better ????? - yes I do - I feel very powerful, I've taken back my power from those that I'd inadvertantely given power over me!

I've been drawing cards all week that have been urging me to write - and I think it's more than just writing in my journal ... but what to write - what do I have to offer anyone that isn't already out there ??? - Hmmm, anyone have any ideas - then let me know .....

love and peace to all

Raven x x x

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Be careful of your worms............!!!

image curtesy of google search - artist unknown

Yep, that does say worms!

Although I'm not going to talk about wriggly insects - but more about words and how they have power!

It has long astounded me that the written and spoken word has the power to cast some to the lowest depths or lift them to the heighest heights!

I've struggled throughout my life with lack of confidence and low self esteem - do I love myself .... umm I like me and I'm learning to embrace my curves and grey hairs - but love - nope not quite there yet!!!

And I really am quite a sensitive person, so when a 'so called' friend or family member puts me down I tend to take it really personally and have been known to 'stew' on it for hours, days or even months - ok - years!

It has taken the collective power of my Sisters of the Craft, my hubby, the Goddess and the Angels to get to me where I now take the 'knockbacks' as less about me and more about the people they come from - but every now and then I lapse......... I am after all only human!

So, when I read 'enlightened' Pagans ripping each other apart and calling them all sorts of names and gossiping from one page to another on FB I really despair - it may be nothing more than one sentance - but that sentance can destroy the reader who they have never met and is learning to walk this Path of love and trust!

Honestly, we have no right to call out anyone on their practises and beliefs, and if we do we are no better than the people we purport to be better than (another term I hate - I'm no better than anyone else that walks this planet)..........

So, be careful of your worms my lovelies - for one day they may rise and bite you!

love Raven x x x

Sunday, 30 June 2013

What a week!

 images of google search - artist unknown

What a whirlwind week ... seems like only yesterday we were getting ready for the KW online ritual ......... *sighs*

So, apart from working hard what's been happening in my week - well a lot really but it mainly happened this weekend!

Friday saw the last of the Witchcraft Within workshops down in Portsmouth and as much as I've loved spending time with ladies of the KW leadership team, I'm quite glad .... really the drive down and late night after a full working week has been quite draining and with everything else we have been doing my poor house hasn't seen a duster or vacuum in weeks!

We did, however, mark the last one with a bang!!! - midnight munchies and malibu as we had a sleepover at Tansy's... LOL ...

Saturday we went to support the Author'd one at her book launch and give people a chance to chat to the team - and it was wonderful connecting to all the different energies and just talk Witchy for a full day... met some amazing people - and re-connected to some very dear friends!

Also had an Awakening - and the most beautiful guided meditation I've ever had - so although it was a long two days and a tiring two days I feel very relaxed and calm today!

Today I went to a local centre to 'suss it out' as a possible meeting place to hold workshops in for those that can't get to Portsmouth and just happened to purchase an anklet ... now when I say I'll be there with bells on .......... I really will be wearing bells!!!!

Unfortunately, the area is so flaming remote that getting to Portsmouth is easier! But, the intent is out there that we get our Workshops on the road ......

Personally, I want a double decker bus so we can sleep upstairs and make the downstairs into a mobile classroom - but the other team leaders have only humoured me on that one!

I feel so very blessed today - all is right with my world and I'm a happy birdie!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Blessings, Blahs and Balance


 image courtesy of google search - artist unkown

I am going on a course - I'm only a tad excited about it - but it is being run by the wonderful and talented Sue Owen of Angels on Cloud Nine, so I think you can kinda guess what the course is about ....

I am so very grateful to my hubby for lending me this money so that I could book the course, we have a joint bank account but this little windfall came to him and him alone and well, what can I say, he must love me!!!!

So, that's the blessings and such happiness - so why the blahs???

Well, apart from the fact that the course doesn't start until September *taps feet and starts the countdown* ... I'm so flipping busy at work that the excitement wans when confronted with spread sheet after spread sheet of numbers .......... so, tonight it's all about finding the balance!

Easily said, not so easily done..... how do you juggle work, Spiritual work, home and family....

I think part of the answer is accepting that you Spiritual life IS your life, it doesn't get switched off when you are working, dusting, chilling, or watching the TV it's always there - all you have to do is remember that ... when you are feeling frazzled and disconnected while staring at a computer screen at work and all around are losing their tempers and yelling ........ just take two deep breaths, ask the Angels, Guides, Goddess, Great Spirit or whoever you feel comfortable with to keep you calm and fill you with love ...........

When you are washing up, imagine all the stress and strain of the day, running down your arms and into the dirty water and watch it disappear into the drain....  Making a cup of tea, imagine as you stir that  you are stirring in love, compassion and calm ....

Little things that take no time and no preparation can bring in peace, love and strengthen the connection to your Path and once again you have balance ...........

love and blessings to you all

Raven x x x

Monday, 24 June 2013

Picking your battles ............

Odd choice for a Witchy blog title post - but, given recent events I thought I'd blog my thoughts....

It seems the Super Moon energy has been a bit busy if you look at the Pagan community on FB, I hadn't been there for a while and given that I had some time over the weekend I had a quick scroll through and it seems that there has been a lot of tension lately.

From complaints about Ritual etiquette to the trolls that seem to gravitate towards the more vocal members... there have been a few times when reading the various discussions that I've been tempted to wade in and offer my point of view ........... so, what's stopped me you ask.........

Well, the answer is fairly simple, in the grand scheme of things these things are trivial and I have bigger battles to fight....

Would my opinion really matter to those that seem to think they run the Pagan community and that their word is law?? Would my reasoning really change the internet hardened troll to stop bullying and gossiping and basically, wind their necks in .......... sadly no........ I'm not that powerful (but don't tell hubby that!!!)

My, personal opinion is that technology has a big part to play in the ease of which these arguments can escalate and quickly become personal - the computer is a buffer - sit these people down in a room and there is no way on earth that they would say the things they say on FB and on blogs ....

Don't get me wrong - technology and the internet are a wonderful invention - they bring families together all over the world with a mere click of a button they can be seen and heard via Skype (or other messaging systems).  No more waiting weeks for the postman to deliver a letter with a reply to a question you asked three weeks earlier ... it's a matter of hours now.... that's the plus side..........

The negative...... well, there is no more social interaction, there is no more eye contact .... the person that just called  you a C You Next Tuesday on the internet could well be a little old lady more given to handing out cupcakes at the local WI then the cold eye'd internet warrior she makes herself out to be!

The eyes are the mirrors of the soul - it's easier to shout and holler at a person in a call centre on the 'phone then shout and holler at them in person....

Personally, I don't like conflict of any type, I'd rather walk away or turn the computer off then engage in that sort of behaviour but it seems that more and more people enjoy this way of life and I guess it can become addictive because you don't even have to read the responses - so you will always be right and whomever, or whatever you are arguing about become irrelevant as you 'point score'.

Anyway, now that's out (and yes I see the irony of me typing this on the internet) - I will now go and spend sometime enjoying this lovely evening away from the computer.

love and blessings to all

Raven x x x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Altars .....

LOL - two in two days - must have a lot on my mind .....

Today I have generally been procrastinating - I've got a lot of work to do, and whilst I have done some I've found myself very easily distracted .... so, I gave up work for a while and headed out with Hubby to one of my favourite shops .... ok, yep it sells Witchy stuff!

I did find two beautiful angels and so when we came home I did a bit of de-cluttering and re-arranging of my Altars - yep, I have more than one and I know how Blessed I am to be able to say that....

Altar one is my working altar, it's very basic as this is the Altar where I prepare things for spellworking, incense making or just stand in front of and invoke the Goddesses help with whatever is bothering me ...

This Altar used to be downstairs but has now moved into my Sacred Room (again I know how Blessed I am to be able to have a whole room to use)

Altar two is an Angel/Meditation altar it will also be used as a Healing Altar when I feel the need to send Healing energy to either the world or someone ....

After I'd finished re-arranging and de-cluttering I swept the room and asked the Goddess, Angels, Guides and Spirit to bless the room and keep all negative emotions out of there and the energy in the room feels so light, bright, loving and calm ....

So, now I feel all calm and centered .......... back to work...........

love Raven x x x

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Rituals, Workshops,Writing......and Work!!

Yikes, it's been a while - but I'm so flipping busy now that the blog is taking a bit of a back seat to everything else - which is good but not good at the same time....

So, what have I been up to since we last spoke .........

8th June saw me at the KW Hawthorn Ritual... we played with bubbles, fairies and Smurfs!!!!!!!!!! I don't think I've ever giggled so much through a ritual - but it is hard to keep a straight face when playing with Smurfs

I've also been attending and writing Workshops - we are pretty much fully booked for the next two KW workshops and the lovely Tansy has already started talking about a third - she keeps me busy that one!!!

Image found courtesy of google, original artist unknown

I'm also flat out at work .... so today I decided to take some time off and just spend it with Hubby and go where the wind blows ........ it blew me to town and to Waterstones and to the counter to purchase The Ascended Master Oracle Cards......... life is good!!!!

I will be back soon with some rhyming words - until then ...

love, light and angel blessings to you all

Raven x x x

Monday, 3 June 2013

Pushing Water Up a Hill.....

(image courtesy of google search - artist unknown)

Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, or months where it seems that you are trying to push water uphill with a fork???

Nothing seems to flow and EVERYTHING takes major effort and concentration... things that you normally do standing on your head with one arm tied behind your back!

I've been feeling like that for a few weeks now, I don't seem to have time to do anything and what I do get time for seems to take ages....

And, yes it resulted in a minor wibble yesterday ....

Today I decided to draw two cards - and yep, you guessed ... both cards talk of not trying so hard and to sit back and wait upon the will of the Divine - everything I need will come to me in it's own time and trying to force the issue is just stressing me out..........

Yep, I do need a slap sometimes!!!

So, how does the control freak, impatient monster within me learn to sit back and let the Divine lead me - well, the first step is to get that virtual slap from a Sister in the Craft ...(mentioning no names here!!) and the second step is to, in my case, to meditate and let the 'worries' float off down stream as I stand under a cleansing waterfall!

Ohhh, and a couple of good affirmations is ALWAYS helpful .... today's mantra was ...

I am in the right place, doing the right things at the right time!!!

love Raven x x x

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Holidays, Ravens, Crystals and Tears!!

Good Afternoon Blog...... have ya missed me??

I've been on my holibobs to the lovely Scotland with hubby and our youngest daughter, we stayed at a lovely cottage in the Border village of Innerleithen ...

This was the view from the Patio where we drank coffee every morning - beautiful and so peaceful.... I was blessed several times at night by hearing the hooting of an Owl - not something I hear to much in my built up estate at home!

Unfortunately, the holiday wasn't always so sunny - the majority of the days were cloudy but we were lucky that we managed to miss all the rain!!

The first full day we were there we managed to find a medieval Fayre, which at £35 entrance fee was a bit of a rip off as there really wasn't much to see or do ..........but we did take in the Falconry display (birds sulked and wouldn't fly) but they did have a magnificient Raven .... he was only 8 weeks old - but he was such a handsome chap - I didn't want to leave him ..... hubby took pictures on his 'proper' camera so I will have to wait for him to develop them before I can share *sighs*

Did I have a good holiday ... Well in truth only in parts, everything has changed since we were last there and we realised fairly early on that the places we enjoyed going to had more to do with pleasing MIL Than us .... But it was lovely seeing hubby interact with his brothers and sister and it made me realise how little we spend with them ... More to the point how little he spends with them as my family seems to take precedence... Something I aim to rectify!!!

I have to admit I was dreading being cooped up in a cottage with them but that was really the best part the laughter and joy was wonderful to be part of and my BIL gifted me the most beautiful Picture Jasper pendant which was totally unexpected and something I will treasure for life!!!

We also went shopping in Peebles where I stumbled upon a lovely crystal shop and did a lot of shopping... I'm now the proud owner of:

Crazy Lace Agate
Petrified Wood
Pink Andlean Opal
Lemurian Aquatane Calcite
Dumortierite Sphere



I did get to the Grey Mares Tail which had figured in my dreams .. But the day was somewhat ruined by firstly my daughter needing the loo the minute we stepped out the car and two Tornados doing a fly past and making her burst into tears!!!

We also had the less plesant task of interring Mother In Law's ashes into the family grave, the setting is magnificent but the emotions of that day were very raw so I think the location was lost to us at that time!

So, it's now back to reality and the housework and washing .......... or I may just research my crystals!!!

love Raven x x x

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Reflections on Retreats .....

This past weekend I had the honour of being able to attend the Immerse in Elen retreat held in Danbury, Essex.

I'd never been to a retreat before and I really didn't know what to expect, I went through the mill prior to getting there - you know the thoughts:

"would they like me, would I like them, would I know anything, would I be able to sleep"

We (the KW leadership team) got there early on Friday night so that we could meet with some of the Retreatees and have some fellowship and food - I have to be honest and say I was looking forward to this bit as I could hide my shyness and lack of confidence by stuffing my face and saying nothing .... yeah I know coward that I am!!!!

I have to say tho.......... all my worries and wibbles were totally unfounded, a more diverse group of women I'd never met - but each one was lovely and friendly, welcoming and warm and open to the experience. 

On the Saturday we did some meditations and craftwork and opened up the Temple space which was a total honour to be there for.... and Saturday night we did some drumming and drinking round a lovely fire!

Sunday, was more crafting and meditations and Dedications - and the emotions ........ ohh boy!!!!

I've purposefully not been to specific because each person there will have had an unique experience and being honest some of the lovely memories I have are personal to the person I was sharing it with and it's not my place to blog about them..........

However, on a personal note .... I am still processing the weekend - but more than that I've made some lovely friends that with time I am sure will come to mean much, much more to me..... and I've been gifted another Path to walk with my Guides and the Divine ....

I feel so very blessed and as I said honoured to have been given the chance to share this weekend with some of the most talented and wonderful women I hadn't met!

love Raven x x x