Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Meditation to meet your Guardian Angel

Sitting quietly with feet flat on the floor and hands palms facing up on your lap.

Focus on your breathing, feel the breaths coming slow and steady, breath in and feel the light enter your body and as you breath out release all the stresses and strains.

Breath in and feel the light enter your lungs and descend to your toes and as you breathe out feel your shoulders, neck, arms, jaw and eyes relax.

See yourself standing in front of an oak staircase, look up and see it spiralling towards the sky. Start to climb the stairs and know that you can do this effortlessly. You climb and start to feel lighter as you leave your physical body below.

When you reach the top of the stairs you are met by a shining golden gate, it's very ornate with twist and turns in the metal. You open the latch and step through the gate.

You are in a meadow, you can see daisies and buttercups and can hear in the distance the faint tinkling of a stream, it's very peaceful, you can feel the sun warming your face as you look up to see the puffy white clouds in the blue sky.

You can see a sandy path running through the meadow, you start to walk down it and as you do you become aware of the sounds of birds, a sparrow, a thrush and a wren.

Following the path you come to a clearing and here you can see the stream that you heard before, you sit by the edge and see the sun glinting off of the ripples the small breeze is making on the water.

You lay back and just lay there,

You become aware of a figure approaching you, you turn to look at them, they are the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

This is your Guardian Angel, your angel sits by your side and you are aware of how much love is surrounding you, how comfortably you feel and how much your Angel wants to be there with you.

You ask your Angel for their name.

You ask your Angel for guidance of whatever is bothering you at this moment.

Your Angel gathers you into a soft embrace and kisses you gently on the forehead, you both stand up and turn to walk back along the Path, you know you can come back to this space at anytime.

You walk back to the meadow and the grass seems greener, the daisies whiter and the buttercups yellower than before.

You reach the gate and step through, your Angel comes with you

You start to walk down the stairs and your Angel matches you step by step. You come back to the room and become aware of your body, aware of the chair that you are sitting in and aware of your breath. Your Angel is with you.

When you are ready come back to yourself, wiggle your fingers and toes and know that although you can't always see them your Guardian Angel is right by your side ready to help you whenever you ask them to.

Love and light 

Lesley x x x

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Slow down .......... you go too fast!

This is a timely reminder for me, when I get started on something I want to get it all done as quickly as possible, I want to be 'doing' all the time - but I need to slow down, take it easy and savour all the good (and bad) things that come my way!

I am on this Path for life now and I don't need to be doing everything that comes my way - I can take my time, somethings will work out for me, resonate with me and be there as a tool for the rest of my life, others will leave me cold and I'll end up forgetting about it ....... it doesn't matter - as my Mum always used to tell me - all good things come to those that wait and whilst patience never was a virtue of mine - I'm going to take some time out and focus on what I have with me at the moment - then I can move forward with love, confidence and the knowledge that it's my time to shine!

love and light to all

Lesley x x x

Sunday, 27 October 2013

De-cluttering ..

image courtesy of google search - artist unknown

I've spent a lot of time today de-cluttering and whilst it does keep the house tidy (hubby is a bit of a hoarder and needs keeping in check) .. it's also a great thing to do Spiritually.

We carry a lot of baggage around with us, everyone we meet and every place we go impacts on our aura and we leave a bit of our energy behind.

Sometimes this connection (cord) thins out and disappears all on it's own - and sometimes it's strengthened as we find a common theme with the person, and visit the 'connection' again and again.

Once this happens we have the problem that if the connection becomes poisioned with negativity it can start to affect us physically and mentally, so it's good to have a de-clutter and rid ourselves of all that no longer serves us mentally and Spiritually as well as having a good old clear out of space and removal of cobwebs!!

Today, after de-cluttering my bedroom - I took out some paper and a pencil and wrote a letter to the Angels asking them to help me to forgive and forget past hurts, to release the emotional cords that tie me to people that harbour only negative thoughts towards me and to help me to walk this Path with continued love, compassion and integrity .........

Its a simple but highly effective thing to do - I feel better and brighter than I did and ohhh I should point out here that cutting the cord to anyone does not affect their free will nor does this cause any harm, you are still connected to them (if you wish to be) and you can now rebuild the cord with love and positivity.

love and light to you

Lesley x x x

Friday, 25 October 2013

Arrrgh to technology - but YAYYYYY for winning

LOL - I've struggled with putting this on a background all afternoon - technology is sooo not my thing


Lesley x x x


I've been seeing a lot of rainbows lately, real ones in the sky (most memorably at my nieces wedding) and on oracle cards I've drawn for myself so - what does a rainbow signify ...

Journey's end or journey's beginning??

Personally, for me I think it's both - I may never find that 'crock of gold' but the journey is going to be pretty spectacular ....

I'm very blessed in that I have the freedom, the support and guidance around me to follow my dreams and rainbows and know that even if I get it wrong and stumble along the way there will be someone who will pick me up, dust me off and put me back on track ...

So to them I say thank you for believing in me - even when I didn't believe in myself ....

love and Angel blessings

Lesley x x x

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Name change for the blog..........

Everything happens for a reason I firmly believe that and lately I've felt less and less like a Raven as I've worked more and more with the Angels - so, I've renamed the blog to fit in with my new Path ... (and business)

When you travel this Path, it's easy to lose sight of yourself as you learn new things and meet new people and follow distracting by ways ....

I have felt a little lost for a while now, very alone and scared.  Last night I treated myself to an early night off from work and had myself a meditation and my Dragon flew in and blew my 'cage' up ... yep, I'd trapped myself in a mess of my own making .....

image courtesy of Anne Stokes

This is the second time that Dragon has burnt my 'comfort zone' to the ground, think He likes me on the edge and facing up to things ......... Scary tho!

I think this is the start of many new ventures for me, some I will flow through and some I will struggle and possibly even fail at - but you know what .......... that's ok - I will open my heart and my Soul and listen to the inner voice of the Source, the one that speaks loudest when I'm following my dreams.

Raven, like Bunni before her has served her purpose - She will always be with me as I wear her on my arm with pride and love ...

I will still be a Witch, I was born one and will die one, but now I forge a new Path following the Old ways and the Angelic ways ....

But, I will always be myself..... for I can not be anything other than what you see....

love and light always

Lesley x x x

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears ............ Oh My!

Apologies to L Frank Baum and Judy Garland for stealing their line there....

But, it really has felt like that lately ....... my last blog was titled 'Follow the Yellow Brick Road' as it was a bit of a ramble - but I am definitely following some enchanted Path ..........

Now, what happens when you let go of fear, self-doubt and insecurity - well, something magical happens the authentic you takes a step forward and starts leading you gently by the hand to all things wonderful ....

 I've spent years doubting myself, worrying that I will fail and being too scared to speak up for what I feel is right for me........ and that's stopped .......... now, I do still have fears and doubts and worries - I am, after all only human, but I've stopped listening to that fear and started listening to the voice that says


The worse possible outcome never happens - if I say no at work I'm not going to get the sack - and if I do - well then that wasn't the job for me..... if I eat that cake and my trousers get a bit snug - well, that's just too bad 'cos I like cake ........ and what is even more overwhelming for this bird is that ..............

People still like me ........... not one person has told me to 'go forth and multiply' and no one has told me to visit a taxidermist! In fact, I would say that's the most liberating thing of all - I've stopped worrying what people think of me .......... yes, I still value my friends and loved ones opinions - but I've stopped giving my power away ........ if I want to do something then I go and do it - the only person that I will defer to is my hubby ......... but don't tell him I said that!!!

I am in a good place (despite some pretty horrid things in the last week or so) ...... I'm feeling good about me and my Path, and its all because I stopped trying to halt the flow and well, just let it happen! ....

As someone once said .........

love Raven x x x