Friday, 5 July 2013

Dream Stealers .... Psychic Vampires and the urge to write .....

Little things have been really niggling me lately and it's more than just Mercury being in retrograde - that stuff normally passes me by anyway....

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Yesterday it all came to a head - and I was having a mini meltdown and just couldn't figure out what was going on that had got me so 'out of sorts' and I realised that yet again I was letting people steal my dreams ... oh I don't mean that they were going out of their way to reduce me to wobbling wibbleness - but little things were beginning to add up........

So, what do you do when someone is trying to steal your dream and suck your energy dry - well, I did a Despaucho ...... and as it burned I visualised my energy coming back to me and a big pair of gleaming scissors cutting the cords to them!

For those that don't know what a Despaucho is ... it's explained here .... Arthur explains Despacho's - I wrote mine and then wrapped it in a spell I'd improvised

Angel wings and cleansing shower
Guide me to my ultimate power
Psychic vampires I can do without
I AM worthy and there's no doubt

Guide me, heal me, make me whole
Guide me to what nourishes my Soul
Let this draining energy release
My heart and leave me in peace

By the power of elements four
I lay these requests at your door
By the power of water, earth, air and fire
This is my will and my desire

As with any spell, what you are releasing needs to be replaced with something or the Divine will feel that space with more of the same - so as I released my fear, self loathing, anger and jealousy - I replaced them with love, peace, compassion and friendship!

Do I feel better ????? - yes I do - I feel very powerful, I've taken back my power from those that I'd inadvertantely given power over me!

I've been drawing cards all week that have been urging me to write - and I think it's more than just writing in my journal ... but what to write - what do I have to offer anyone that isn't already out there ??? - Hmmm, anyone have any ideas - then let me know .....

love and peace to all

Raven x x x

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