Thursday 7 August 2014


Good morning blog o’mine!

Hope you are all well dear readers, I have had the same phrase running through my head this morning

“I value myself, I value my time and I value my gifts”

At first I wasn’t sure why this particular phrase was repeating on a loop, was it a blog, a poem, or an affirmation?  I do value myself (took a long time but I’m getting there), I do value my time and I not only value but an extremely grateful for my gifts and talents – they have, and continue, to take me on an amazing journey.

So, I meditated on it, and the answer came to me that the phrase is a response to the oft repeated question………. Should I charge for my readings and healings?

I have, in the past, struggled with this poser, purely as we were in the middle of a double-dip recession and money is tight for everyone.

I realised while pondering the phrase, that I go to work 8 – 6(ish) and while I am there I work my butt off to do a good job for my Employer, I take breaks but for the most part I sit at my desk doing what my employer wants me to, what he employed me to do – and at the end of the month he pays me for the great job that I’ve done.  He values my time and effort and pays me accordingly.   It should be no different for someone giving their time and energy to supply a service for the ‘client’.

Working with energy is tiring, even when you are shielded up and protected, it still takes time, ‘effort’ and the use of the healers home, or their travel to your home.  So, why should they not ask you to place the same value on them and their services as a regular ‘employer’ would – I would go so far as to say they are employed – they work for the Universe and answer to the Divine.

A reader/healers time is just as valuable as yours, they give up their time to aid and comfort and guide others.

Now, there are those out there that ‘fake’ it and charge a fortune to do that – I can’t comment on that, it is their life Path and they will walk it without either my censure or my approval. 

All I can do is warn you to listen to your intuition, your gut, if it feels hinky then leave, you don’t have to stay, if you are not satisfied with your reading or healing session then speak to the person, if they are worth their salt then they will take time to either explain your feelings or do something further to help you – no-one should leave you scared, frightened or upset.

As to cost, there is no set price some are cheaper than others, that is down to them and their value of their worth, cheaper doesn’t mean rubbish and expensive doesn’t mean they are the best.

Most healers/readers work by word of mouth, and the majority of the people I know personally find it almost painful to advertise how wonderful they are (again there are exceptions to that rule).   

Personally, I think I still struggle with the charge/no charge issue, but I value myself, I value my time and my gifts – so I will always be open to an energy exchange, it doesn’t have to be money……

There you go my ponderings