Sunday, 27 October 2013

De-cluttering ..

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I've spent a lot of time today de-cluttering and whilst it does keep the house tidy (hubby is a bit of a hoarder and needs keeping in check) .. it's also a great thing to do Spiritually.

We carry a lot of baggage around with us, everyone we meet and every place we go impacts on our aura and we leave a bit of our energy behind.

Sometimes this connection (cord) thins out and disappears all on it's own - and sometimes it's strengthened as we find a common theme with the person, and visit the 'connection' again and again.

Once this happens we have the problem that if the connection becomes poisioned with negativity it can start to affect us physically and mentally, so it's good to have a de-clutter and rid ourselves of all that no longer serves us mentally and Spiritually as well as having a good old clear out of space and removal of cobwebs!!

Today, after de-cluttering my bedroom - I took out some paper and a pencil and wrote a letter to the Angels asking them to help me to forgive and forget past hurts, to release the emotional cords that tie me to people that harbour only negative thoughts towards me and to help me to walk this Path with continued love, compassion and integrity .........

Its a simple but highly effective thing to do - I feel better and brighter than I did and ohhh I should point out here that cutting the cord to anyone does not affect their free will nor does this cause any harm, you are still connected to them (if you wish to be) and you can now rebuild the cord with love and positivity.

love and light to you

Lesley x x x

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