Monday, 29 April 2013

Beltane Bounty.....

What a blinding weekend I've just had ... a fantastic Beltane ritual (dispite hiccups in the bookings), seeing my Ritual come to life in front of me was a very humbling experience!  

I've written rituals for me to do on my lonesome - but this was my first performed in public and the nerves were at an all time high - not helped by a double booking of the field we used..... although that was the least of my worries!!

I think, when we put our 'heads above the parapet' it's natural to feel nervous, scared and worried.  But, faith in the Universe and the Divine will carry you through and even MayPole dances that have never been performed before can go off with only minor hitches!

Everything happens for a reason, sometimes the reason is to move you on to bigger and better things - sometimes it's only to force you to stop and breathe and adjust to the new 'you'.

Saturday was like that for me - what could have been a total disaster turned out to be wonderful, I could have been felled by the doubts, crippled by the uncertainty and utterly devastated by the last minute 'foul-up' but I trusted that it had all been sent for a reason, I asked for guidance and for calm and my angels and guides came through for me - all I had to do was ask!

I can never, ever, thank the wonderful Witches that turned up to the ritual enough, for being there and for being part of my wee dream - you all rock and I am beyond blessed to know you and to share time with you!

 My Path has always been slightly bumpy with more wibbles and wobbles than I care for - but each wibble and wobble has taught me so much and enabled me to grow and bloom.  So, I'm grateful that I'm not perfect, I'm grateful that I sometimes fail - because with each failure I'm taught something that I need in my life!

love Raven x x x

Friday, 26 April 2013

De-cluttering .... Random thoughts

Love is what makes the world go round - or is it money - or is it a combination of the two??

Just the random thoughts of mine today and for some reason it's been stuck in my head all day - would I rather be rich and lonely or loved and poor as a church mouse? I think it's because the card I drew today was all about de-cluttering and riding oneself of all that no longer serves.

It's easy to accumulate rubbish, my home is filled with objects that 'may be of use one day' and as I look round I've mentally consigned several bin bags to the dump...

But, I've also heard myself thinking 'nooo can't get rid of that so and so gave it to me' - but so and so is no longer part of my life, the object is not a precious piece of art or anything of any purpose and whatever sentimental value I placed on the object has long been forgotten so, do I keep or do I 'de-clutter' and free the space for more meaningful objects to take their place???

It's the same with people - there are several people that I don't keep in contact with - but for some reason I keep them in my contact list - I don't speak to them (nor they with me) I don't see them and I haven't worked with them in years.........

So, tonight I'm going to start my de-clutter of every aspect of my home and life - and time to feel the gaps with bigger and better!!

love Raven x x x

(image courtesy of google search - artist unknown)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Exciting times ahead....


Did ya see me .. ???


Yep, I'm in supersonic mode at the moment - from having a pretty quiet time of it - it's suddenly 'all systems go!' .... the Trekkie in me sooo wanted to write Warp Speed there!

Anyway, this is going to be a very busy month for me - next weekend marks our offline Beltane ritual and I'm super excited about this one and this month sees us celebrate the 1st year Anniversary for the school... Yep, it's been a year already - so much has happened in that year that it seems sometimes as if it was only yesterday!

The leadership team are busy working on the next workshop and have had ideas for a third already... but it's not all work - ohhh no!  We are also off for a Retreat in May and I'm really looking forward to that.

At the end of May I'm off to Scotland for a week with family - so I think (for once) I have the perfect blend of work, rest and play!

Right now it's time to turn the laptop off and go and get my hands dirty and plant some herbs ....

So, in my best Jean-Luc Picard voice ............. Make it So Number 1!!

Rune draw - Sunday 21st April 2013

THURISAZ ~ Gateway

You are at the gateway - the place where you can choose to go forward releasing the old and the unnecessary - Thurisaz is here to let you know that you are in the right place at the right time and this is where  you are supposed to be! This Rune allows you time to reflect on the past - taking with you what serves your Highest Self and a chance to bless and release the rest and thank it for the lessons you've been taught!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Raven's Ramblings

I had a really good weekend, KW hosted their first workshop on Chakra's and the energy was amazing, the cakes were fantastic too!!! 

Since the weekend I have been processing all that lovely energy and balancing it with the Universal pain of the Boston tragedy ..

I'm not a political animal, I rarely watch the news as the tragic stories leave me sobbing my heart out and even happier stories affect me if I don't shield and right or wrong I really dislike shielding at home ... This is my 'down time' my safe haven so I choose not to put myself in the path of carnage...

This is partly the reason I dislike FB intensely it's not safe .. Even tonight logging in to check the KW page and answer my messages and my news feed is full of death and horror .. And if its not that then it is groups of people intent on ripping verbal chunks out of each other ... Things said that they wouldn't dream of saying if in the same room ...

Technology has its part to play in the world but am I the only one that longs for the slower pace of a letter and if having a face to face conversation rather than constantly having to type??

And, what it the etiquette in texting - when is it acceptable to stop responding??? Seems we don't even have to say goodbye anymore ....


That's my whinge for today ....

Rune Draw ~ Tuesday 16th April

WUNJO ~ Joy!

Wunjo is the Rune of Joy... it's flags flying in celebration - it's birthday pennants fluttering in the breeze at a kiddies party - it's time to live life with joy in your heart, finding your happy and spending time there.  Wunjo is also the Rune of light - lets send this light around the world!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Always look on the Bright Side of Life .......... (how many are whistling now???)

image curtesy of google image search author unkown

I've just put the Runes up for April in the KW forum and I have to giggle at myself and how amazed I was to see Mannaz as the Rune for the first half of this month - Mannaz is all about the Self and being the best you can be and I've been researching courses and trying to find ways to improve myself all month so far! ..... Apt or what!

There have been many changes in my life recently and most of them have been positive - and I do believe the mantra "you create your own reality" - because when I am down and feeling blue and only seeing the darker side of life - then that's exactly what I manifest into my life.

But, the last couple of months although changes have happened I've tried so hard to focus on the lighter side of them - seeing the good in the changes, seeing how those changes can benefit me - and well - it's working!

So, as someone once sung........ Always look on the bright side of life......... because then beautiful things will happen!

love Raven x x x

Rune Draw - 12th April 2013

JERA ~ Harvest, Fertile Season

JERA urges patience, the seeds you've sown have to have time to mature - stop trying to tug those shoots to make them grow  - this is the Rune of beneficial outcomes - all good things come to those that wait!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Beltane Poems and Ponderings!

I've never really connected with the Beltane celebration - I've always been a bit MEH about it - but this year something different has happened - whether its the growth that I went through last year - or whether it's just that I've finally learned to let go of the negative that surrounded this Sabbat for me... or just that I'm desperate to see a bit of Sun!!!

Anyway, this year - not only have I written a poem - I've also written a ritual - yep, me!!! I could have written a ritual for any Sabbat - but Nooooooooooooo - I had to go and pick the one Sabbat I wasn't that keen on - how's that for pushing the boundaries???

I've also been looking at courses I can take - to really get in touch with the Witch Within! ... LOL - and that was another poem!!

love Raven x x x

Rune Draw ~ 11th April 2013

PERTH ~ Initiation, Something Hidden

Ahhh - just like the Phoenix something is now about to rise from the ashes of the recent past and bring with it something truly wonderful.  Powerful forces of change are at work but they are beyond our frail understandings.... the Universe does work in mysterious ways!!!!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Rune Draw - 10th April 2013

DAGAZ ~ Breakthrough, Transformation

See the gate.......... open the gate.............step through............Drawing this Rune indicates a major shift or breakthrough in the process of self-change ... wonderful things are going to happen now - just remember to pay attention and be ready to leave behind all that no longer serves!

I drew this Rune on the 5th - so come on own up - who didn't go through the gate??? LOL

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Rune Draw - 7th April 2013

Gebo ~ Partnership, A Gift

Give 'im a great big kiss - mwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwahhhh!!!

Everytime I see this Rune I see it as a kiss from the Divine - this is Her gift to you, the gift of freedom from which all other gifts flow.......

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sunshine, Altar dressing and de-cluttering

I woke up this morning to a strange sight - a weird, glowing, yellow orb in the sky ..... Not sure but I think it's called the Sun..........

Have to be honest and say that it's still really cold - but just seeing the Sun made me smile - I didn't realise just how long I've been feeling 'cooped' up!

So, as I was feeling so happy, joyful and full of beans we headed into town so I could get my a few bits I wanted for my Beltane altar .... pics of that to follow when finished! 

We have just finished having our back garden re-done and that's sparked a de-cluttering bug in me - we have a room that's really not been used properly - so now it's mine.  It will become my Sacred Space where I can meditate, draw my runes and oracle cards and write .... yep, me, I'm going to write - I have the germ of an idea - guess this is a 'watch this space' kinda moment! 

Tonight, I'm going to do a solitary ritual of thanks! 

love Raven x x x

Rune Draw - 6th April 2013

Sowelu ~ Wholeness, The Sun's Energy

Seeking after wholeness is the Warriors quest - but what you are seeking without is already within you - you are the light you seek.   There is a Gayatri that goes with this Rune:

You, who are the source of all power
Whose rays illuminate the world, 
Illuminate also my heart
So that it too can do your work. 

Let the light of love shine on and through you... Illuminate my world and yours! 

Friday, 5 April 2013

Rune Draw 5th April 2013

DAGAZ ~ Breakthrough, Transformation

See the gate.......... open the gate.............step through............Drawing this Rune indicates a major shift or breakthrough in the process of self-change ... wonderful things are going to happen now - just remember to pay attention and be ready to leave behind all that no longer serves!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Rune Draw - 1st April 2013

EHWAZ ~ Movement

How apt to follow yesterdays rune draw!

EHWAZ is the Rune of movement, new attitudes, new home, new job, this is the Rune of steady growth and being assured that you are facing a period of stability and positive motion - everything must change, without change we stagnate... face your future and share the good fortune that will come your way!