Friday, 9 August 2013

As promised ......... here's the exciting news ....

Here she is - our little bundle of mischief ........ Molly!!!

We've had our hands full this week with her - it is most definitely like having a baby in the house again - having to get up during the night for wee breaks ......... but she is adorable and for some reason loves my feet!!!

Last night we had a bit of a rough one with her so I gave her some Angelic Reiki and boy is she an excited minx tonight - chewing and prancing and acting the clown - Goddess love her!

The other bit of news is I've started the website for my Angelic Reiki business - I do feel very grown up - especially as I have ordered business cards and various marketing paraphanelia .... did seem a bit like tooting my horn a bit too much tho ......

So the link to the business is here

Let me know what you think of the site ... it's still a work in progress - but it's getting there :D

love and Angel Blessings

Raven x x x

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