Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Reflections on Retreats .....

This past weekend I had the honour of being able to attend the Immerse in Elen retreat held in Danbury, Essex.

I'd never been to a retreat before and I really didn't know what to expect, I went through the mill prior to getting there - you know the thoughts:

"would they like me, would I like them, would I know anything, would I be able to sleep"

We (the KW leadership team) got there early on Friday night so that we could meet with some of the Retreatees and have some fellowship and food - I have to be honest and say I was looking forward to this bit as I could hide my shyness and lack of confidence by stuffing my face and saying nothing .... yeah I know coward that I am!!!!

I have to say tho.......... all my worries and wibbles were totally unfounded, a more diverse group of women I'd never met - but each one was lovely and friendly, welcoming and warm and open to the experience. 

On the Saturday we did some meditations and craftwork and opened up the Temple space which was a total honour to be there for.... and Saturday night we did some drumming and drinking round a lovely fire!

Sunday, was more crafting and meditations and Dedications - and the emotions ........ ohh boy!!!!

I've purposefully not been to specific because each person there will have had an unique experience and being honest some of the lovely memories I have are personal to the person I was sharing it with and it's not my place to blog about them..........

However, on a personal note .... I am still processing the weekend - but more than that I've made some lovely friends that with time I am sure will come to mean much, much more to me..... and I've been gifted another Path to walk with my Guides and the Divine ....

I feel so very blessed and as I said honoured to have been given the chance to share this weekend with some of the most talented and wonderful women I hadn't met!

love Raven x x x

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Angel Reiki, and Faerie Fest

Has it really been that long since I was last here???

 Image courtesy of google search - artist unknown

So, what has been happening since we last spoke..... well, I'm being guided to work with Angels and on Thursday this week I had an amazing Angel Reiki session with the lovely Sue Owen at Angels on Cloud Nine....I honestly didn't know what to expect as I've only had one reiki session before and that was with Tin when she was over last year ...

Anyway, Sue started the session and OMG swirls of the most amazing vivid colours in my head deep blue, purple, red ... My mind was racing trying to process everything but I was deeply relaxed the while time!!


Two images stuck ... One was a lady in THE most amazing red cloak ..Sort of like the Queen wears but richer!! And the other was of a unicorn but it had wings ...

When Sue worked on my crown I felt that everything was being dragged through my body and up through my crown... After we finished, we chatted and I told Sue the two images I saw ...

The Lady is one of the Powers and they are the highest Angels (I think) and they sometimes drop in to see people... The flying unicorn/Pegasus is a horse that has evolved to be a Spirit guide sometimes they become Unicorns and sometimes Pegasus and sometimes both!!!   Ohh and the pulling through the crown feeling is where they re-programmed me!!!

I floated home!!!

 Yesterday, saw the KW team heading for The Magical Faerie Festival (run by The Magical Times magazine), it wasn't quite what I expected but we had a good time and I am now the proud owner of not only my first pair of Harem Pants - but a purple top hat ........... and a Tibetan Singing Bowl!!!!

This is me rocking my Slash from Guns n Roses look!!! 

We did have a beautiful workshop with the lovely and talented Laura Daligan and then headed back home just as the weather turned wet and windy!

This week I will be working hard up to the time we leave on the Elen Retreat - is it too early to pack??

Til the next time ..........

love, light and laughter

Raven x x x