Monday, 26 November 2012

Busy, busy, busy

Wow, has it really been that long since I last blogged *oops*

Ok, so update time what have I been doing ...... well, reading mainly - I've been in a rather weird place - I used to suffer quite badly with panic attacks - but not had any for a couple of years - but last week I had two in quick succession - so that made me stop and do a self check!

What I found is I don't stop and take nearly as much time for myself as I thought I did - I'm constantly 'doing' for other people - and I need to find (there's that magic word again) balance.

So, I gave myself permission to stop, sit and savour the silence......... and it's wonderful - I highly recommend it ...

I've also decided that after Yule, I am going to have to start at a gym or at least healthier eating - I've put on all the weight that I lost last year (and whilst I quite like having curves - this is a bit too curvy!!)

I am going to be rather busy up til Yule - I think between now and the New Year I don't actually have one weekend where I am not doing something - which is going to mean either doing the Yule shopping late night after work - or online - I'm actually leaning more towards online!

love and blessings to all

Raven x x x

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Crystal trips and validations

Are we sitting comfortably ........ then I will begin Very Happy

I've been meditating and being guided for the last months or so and it's all been coming together in the recent weeks..

I've recently met my guide - he is a Peruvian gentleman with a bright coloured coat and a black hat with feathers in it - and he has taken me to a Sacred spot in the Tibetan mountains to a crystal clear lake where I 'see'...

I've been gifted a staff that has an figure carved on it very much like the Oracle in the film the Golden Child - I can't find a picture but when I do I'll put it up - but it feels so right

I've read a book that just was 'me' and the lady that wrote the book is a Peruvian / Inca Shaman ....

I've been called several times in meditation to connect with Kali-Ma and Shiva ...........

On Saturday I went to Glastonbury with the intention of getting a bloodstone pendulum - I tried them and not one would work for me - seriously - not one .... I picked up a pendulum I had no idea what the crystal was and what it would do - and awesome - I had the stop, start, yes, no responses before I even finished the thought ..... so I asked the lady what the stone was ...........Shiva Linham - and here's the official blurb...

Attributes: Symbolizing the Hindu God Shiva's union with his consort Kali and activating the base and sacral chakras, a shiva lingam raises and controls kundalini energy. It facilitates the union of opposites, imparting psychological insight, shiva lingam facilitates looking within to release all that you've outgrown... it's also a bit of a sexy stone - lots to do with male and female union ....!

Anyway - you see the connection ...??

Also, while in the crystal shop - a crystal spoke to me like no other has done (bar the pendulum) for a long time - so I bought it - the lady had no idea what the attributes were but gave me the name Porcilian or Tiffany Stone:

Attributes: Tiffany stone enhances intuition, and metaphysical gifts, opening the higher crown chakras and connecting to multi-dimensions and the highest of guidance.. Assisting in interpreting channelled material this stone is useful for integrating the 'lightbody' into the physical realm, supporting the soul as it does. Psychologically, Tiffany stone encourages persistence and following the Soul's path wherever that may lead. Emotionally, it encourages becoming more open and receptive. It fills the heart and higher heart chakras with unconditional love.

Hmm this one is good for sexual problems too - hubby will be happy!

So, there you go... my lovely purchases from Glasto :)

love Raven x x x

*information on crystals taken from Crystal Bible 2 - Judy Hall*

Friday, 2 November 2012


Emotions swirl, red, green, pink and blue
Colours of dreams in every hue
A shimmer of silver, a tint of gold
A dash of deep red for brave and bold

Rainbows of visions, dreams every one
Of walking in meadows, warmed by the Sun
Soft, gentle evenings, lit by candlelight
Held by your lover all through the night

Bright, vibrant colours to match every emotion
From lightest of yellow to dark blue of the ocean
What would it be like if every house or home
Was the same old colour, or just monochrome?