Sunday, 30 June 2013

What a week!

 images of google search - artist unknown

What a whirlwind week ... seems like only yesterday we were getting ready for the KW online ritual ......... *sighs*

So, apart from working hard what's been happening in my week - well a lot really but it mainly happened this weekend!

Friday saw the last of the Witchcraft Within workshops down in Portsmouth and as much as I've loved spending time with ladies of the KW leadership team, I'm quite glad .... really the drive down and late night after a full working week has been quite draining and with everything else we have been doing my poor house hasn't seen a duster or vacuum in weeks!

We did, however, mark the last one with a bang!!! - midnight munchies and malibu as we had a sleepover at Tansy's... LOL ...

Saturday we went to support the Author'd one at her book launch and give people a chance to chat to the team - and it was wonderful connecting to all the different energies and just talk Witchy for a full day... met some amazing people - and re-connected to some very dear friends!

Also had an Awakening - and the most beautiful guided meditation I've ever had - so although it was a long two days and a tiring two days I feel very relaxed and calm today!

Today I went to a local centre to 'suss it out' as a possible meeting place to hold workshops in for those that can't get to Portsmouth and just happened to purchase an anklet ... now when I say I'll be there with bells on .......... I really will be wearing bells!!!!

Unfortunately, the area is so flaming remote that getting to Portsmouth is easier! But, the intent is out there that we get our Workshops on the road ......

Personally, I want a double decker bus so we can sleep upstairs and make the downstairs into a mobile classroom - but the other team leaders have only humoured me on that one!

I feel so very blessed today - all is right with my world and I'm a happy birdie!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Blessings, Blahs and Balance


 image courtesy of google search - artist unkown

I am going on a course - I'm only a tad excited about it - but it is being run by the wonderful and talented Sue Owen of Angels on Cloud Nine, so I think you can kinda guess what the course is about ....

I am so very grateful to my hubby for lending me this money so that I could book the course, we have a joint bank account but this little windfall came to him and him alone and well, what can I say, he must love me!!!!

So, that's the blessings and such happiness - so why the blahs???

Well, apart from the fact that the course doesn't start until September *taps feet and starts the countdown* ... I'm so flipping busy at work that the excitement wans when confronted with spread sheet after spread sheet of numbers .......... so, tonight it's all about finding the balance!

Easily said, not so easily done..... how do you juggle work, Spiritual work, home and family....

I think part of the answer is accepting that you Spiritual life IS your life, it doesn't get switched off when you are working, dusting, chilling, or watching the TV it's always there - all you have to do is remember that ... when you are feeling frazzled and disconnected while staring at a computer screen at work and all around are losing their tempers and yelling ........ just take two deep breaths, ask the Angels, Guides, Goddess, Great Spirit or whoever you feel comfortable with to keep you calm and fill you with love ...........

When you are washing up, imagine all the stress and strain of the day, running down your arms and into the dirty water and watch it disappear into the drain....  Making a cup of tea, imagine as you stir that  you are stirring in love, compassion and calm ....

Little things that take no time and no preparation can bring in peace, love and strengthen the connection to your Path and once again you have balance ...........

love and blessings to you all

Raven x x x

Monday, 24 June 2013

Picking your battles ............

Odd choice for a Witchy blog title post - but, given recent events I thought I'd blog my thoughts....

It seems the Super Moon energy has been a bit busy if you look at the Pagan community on FB, I hadn't been there for a while and given that I had some time over the weekend I had a quick scroll through and it seems that there has been a lot of tension lately.

From complaints about Ritual etiquette to the trolls that seem to gravitate towards the more vocal members... there have been a few times when reading the various discussions that I've been tempted to wade in and offer my point of view ........... so, what's stopped me you ask.........

Well, the answer is fairly simple, in the grand scheme of things these things are trivial and I have bigger battles to fight....

Would my opinion really matter to those that seem to think they run the Pagan community and that their word is law?? Would my reasoning really change the internet hardened troll to stop bullying and gossiping and basically, wind their necks in .......... sadly no........ I'm not that powerful (but don't tell hubby that!!!)

My, personal opinion is that technology has a big part to play in the ease of which these arguments can escalate and quickly become personal - the computer is a buffer - sit these people down in a room and there is no way on earth that they would say the things they say on FB and on blogs ....

Don't get me wrong - technology and the internet are a wonderful invention - they bring families together all over the world with a mere click of a button they can be seen and heard via Skype (or other messaging systems).  No more waiting weeks for the postman to deliver a letter with a reply to a question you asked three weeks earlier ... it's a matter of hours now.... that's the plus side..........

The negative...... well, there is no more social interaction, there is no more eye contact .... the person that just called  you a C You Next Tuesday on the internet could well be a little old lady more given to handing out cupcakes at the local WI then the cold eye'd internet warrior she makes herself out to be!

The eyes are the mirrors of the soul - it's easier to shout and holler at a person in a call centre on the 'phone then shout and holler at them in person....

Personally, I don't like conflict of any type, I'd rather walk away or turn the computer off then engage in that sort of behaviour but it seems that more and more people enjoy this way of life and I guess it can become addictive because you don't even have to read the responses - so you will always be right and whomever, or whatever you are arguing about become irrelevant as you 'point score'.

Anyway, now that's out (and yes I see the irony of me typing this on the internet) - I will now go and spend sometime enjoying this lovely evening away from the computer.

love and blessings to all

Raven x x x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Altars .....

LOL - two in two days - must have a lot on my mind .....

Today I have generally been procrastinating - I've got a lot of work to do, and whilst I have done some I've found myself very easily distracted .... so, I gave up work for a while and headed out with Hubby to one of my favourite shops .... ok, yep it sells Witchy stuff!

I did find two beautiful angels and so when we came home I did a bit of de-cluttering and re-arranging of my Altars - yep, I have more than one and I know how Blessed I am to be able to say that....

Altar one is my working altar, it's very basic as this is the Altar where I prepare things for spellworking, incense making or just stand in front of and invoke the Goddesses help with whatever is bothering me ...

This Altar used to be downstairs but has now moved into my Sacred Room (again I know how Blessed I am to be able to have a whole room to use)

Altar two is an Angel/Meditation altar it will also be used as a Healing Altar when I feel the need to send Healing energy to either the world or someone ....

After I'd finished re-arranging and de-cluttering I swept the room and asked the Goddess, Angels, Guides and Spirit to bless the room and keep all negative emotions out of there and the energy in the room feels so light, bright, loving and calm ....

So, now I feel all calm and centered .......... back to work...........

love Raven x x x

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Rituals, Workshops,Writing......and Work!!

Yikes, it's been a while - but I'm so flipping busy now that the blog is taking a bit of a back seat to everything else - which is good but not good at the same time....

So, what have I been up to since we last spoke .........

8th June saw me at the KW Hawthorn Ritual... we played with bubbles, fairies and Smurfs!!!!!!!!!! I don't think I've ever giggled so much through a ritual - but it is hard to keep a straight face when playing with Smurfs

I've also been attending and writing Workshops - we are pretty much fully booked for the next two KW workshops and the lovely Tansy has already started talking about a third - she keeps me busy that one!!!

Image found courtesy of google, original artist unknown

I'm also flat out at work .... so today I decided to take some time off and just spend it with Hubby and go where the wind blows ........ it blew me to town and to Waterstones and to the counter to purchase The Ascended Master Oracle Cards......... life is good!!!!

I will be back soon with some rhyming words - until then ...

love, light and angel blessings to you all

Raven x x x

Monday, 3 June 2013

Pushing Water Up a Hill.....

(image courtesy of google search - artist unknown)

Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, or months where it seems that you are trying to push water uphill with a fork???

Nothing seems to flow and EVERYTHING takes major effort and concentration... things that you normally do standing on your head with one arm tied behind your back!

I've been feeling like that for a few weeks now, I don't seem to have time to do anything and what I do get time for seems to take ages....

And, yes it resulted in a minor wibble yesterday ....

Today I decided to draw two cards - and yep, you guessed ... both cards talk of not trying so hard and to sit back and wait upon the will of the Divine - everything I need will come to me in it's own time and trying to force the issue is just stressing me out..........

Yep, I do need a slap sometimes!!!

So, how does the control freak, impatient monster within me learn to sit back and let the Divine lead me - well, the first step is to get that virtual slap from a Sister in the Craft ...(mentioning no names here!!) and the second step is to, in my case, to meditate and let the 'worries' float off down stream as I stand under a cleansing waterfall!

Ohhh, and a couple of good affirmations is ALWAYS helpful .... today's mantra was ...

I am in the right place, doing the right things at the right time!!!

love Raven x x x

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Holidays, Ravens, Crystals and Tears!!

Good Afternoon Blog...... have ya missed me??

I've been on my holibobs to the lovely Scotland with hubby and our youngest daughter, we stayed at a lovely cottage in the Border village of Innerleithen ...

This was the view from the Patio where we drank coffee every morning - beautiful and so peaceful.... I was blessed several times at night by hearing the hooting of an Owl - not something I hear to much in my built up estate at home!

Unfortunately, the holiday wasn't always so sunny - the majority of the days were cloudy but we were lucky that we managed to miss all the rain!!

The first full day we were there we managed to find a medieval Fayre, which at £35 entrance fee was a bit of a rip off as there really wasn't much to see or do ..........but we did take in the Falconry display (birds sulked and wouldn't fly) but they did have a magnificient Raven .... he was only 8 weeks old - but he was such a handsome chap - I didn't want to leave him ..... hubby took pictures on his 'proper' camera so I will have to wait for him to develop them before I can share *sighs*

Did I have a good holiday ... Well in truth only in parts, everything has changed since we were last there and we realised fairly early on that the places we enjoyed going to had more to do with pleasing MIL Than us .... But it was lovely seeing hubby interact with his brothers and sister and it made me realise how little we spend with them ... More to the point how little he spends with them as my family seems to take precedence... Something I aim to rectify!!!

I have to admit I was dreading being cooped up in a cottage with them but that was really the best part the laughter and joy was wonderful to be part of and my BIL gifted me the most beautiful Picture Jasper pendant which was totally unexpected and something I will treasure for life!!!

We also went shopping in Peebles where I stumbled upon a lovely crystal shop and did a lot of shopping... I'm now the proud owner of:

Crazy Lace Agate
Petrified Wood
Pink Andlean Opal
Lemurian Aquatane Calcite
Dumortierite Sphere



I did get to the Grey Mares Tail which had figured in my dreams .. But the day was somewhat ruined by firstly my daughter needing the loo the minute we stepped out the car and two Tornados doing a fly past and making her burst into tears!!!

We also had the less plesant task of interring Mother In Law's ashes into the family grave, the setting is magnificent but the emotions of that day were very raw so I think the location was lost to us at that time!

So, it's now back to reality and the housework and washing .......... or I may just research my crystals!!!

love Raven x x x