Monday, 22 October 2012

Poems and Feeling Humble

Today I was going to share my Samhain poem with you all .. it feels a little bit redundant now as the beautiful Tansy Firedragon put it on facebook all pimped and proper and's taken on a life of it's own :o !!

  For anyone that hasn't seen it ....

I have to say seeing everyone's reaction to my poem has really made me feel so incredibly grateful for my 'gift' - when I was at school I was told by my teacher that I didn't have any talent and I should stick to writing short stories - so to see my little creation 'go viral' just made me feel so overwhelmed...

For a poet, for someone that can talk the hind legs of a donkey and for someone that can waffle for England I really don't have the words of gratitude that I feel at the moment!

That's it - I've come over all unnecessary again .....

Til next time

love n light always

Raven x x x

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Rune Draw 16th October

Perth ~ Initiation, Something Hidden, A Secret Matter

Ohhhhh - shhhhh - let me tell you a secret ..... shhhhhhh - don't let them see!

Perth is here to tell you that something is about to be revealed to you - if you have been questioning the Universe the answer is about to come to you - and it's gonna be GOOOOOOD!!!!! Shhhhh!!! - don't tell the others! 

Lightbulbs and Waffle

Do you compartmentalize your life???

Do you hide the you that is YOU away from friends and family??

I've noticed lately that I had a tendency to hide parts of my life from friends and family, if people would ask me how I was feeling the answer would be 'I'm good - how are you?' - I would immediately take the focus off of me.

Why did I do that ?? - I can only assume (as I don't have a time turner and can't go back in time) that I was saying everything was ok and turning the focus off of myself so that I could stay in my safe, comfortable pity party for one!

Does that sound harsh? - yes, and it needs to be - I spent a lot of time feeling like I was a victim - wandering through life saying "why me, why does this happen to me" - and now I realise these things happened to me because I attracted them to me by constantly thinking that it WOULD happen....

Now, I'm not saying that I'm wonderful and 100% positive ALL the time - but now when someone asks me how I am - I'm honest - when I have a bad day I say so, (believe me you soon find out who really wants to know by the people that stop asking :P).  I feel more myself, I feel more confident and I feel more open to the positive in my life because I've stopped asking "why me" and started asking "why NOT me" - why shouldn't I be loved, why shouldn't I be successful...........

One of the things I have learnt (am still learning) on this journey is that reaching higher planes of awareness does not mean that you no longer have problems - it's not the 'happy ever after' - all it does mean is that the means of coping with the issues and problems is different ... and also they don't seem as bad as they used to...........

Nice to see my waffle mode fully engaged today :)

love Raven x x x 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Writing Druidry by Nimue Brown

A wonderful post by a guest blogger, the beautiful and talented Nimue Brown

Writing Druidry
By Nimue Brown

Perhaps three years ago I started doing a column for After much soul searching, I took the plunge and called it Druid Life. I half expected someone to come round and tell me I couldn’t, that I wasn’t qualified enough, wasn’t important enough to take such a grand title and put my thoughts into the world under that banner. Somehow, I got away with it. I was helping run a Druid group, and a larger Druid organisation at the time. I had students, I’d studied for years, and still I felt downright uncomfortable about offering myself up as some kind of authority. Truth be told, I still do.
Eventually, I took the plunge and set druidlife up as a blog – and people read it, which remains a startling and gratifying sort of experience. In the early spring of 2012, my first book, Druidry and Meditation came out and now the second, Druidry and the Ancestors is on the way. It all starts to feel a bit serious. And still I have that niggling feeling of being a cheat. Why? Because I can’t tell you, with any confidence at all anything of what the ancient, historical Druids used to do.
I feel my Druidry keenly. I feel a connection to the word, a resonance with it that binds me to a whole community of people who I have a lot in common with. But whatever ‘druid’ is as a word, it probably isn’t what the Celts called their religious leaders. In fact, I’m not even certain the Celts would have self identified as Celts, the word appears to come from the Greek Keltoi. It may well be that all we have a labels put on from the outside. Why on earth would anyone resonate with that? Well, there’s a very awkward question I have no answer for. I don’t believe the bit about burning people in wicker men, because I’ve made wicker men and I don’t rate your chances of burning more than one or two willing participants in them. Or maybe people who were already dead. Human bodies do not burn easily, you need a lot of fuel and wicker men are a bloody stupid, impractical shape and lack the structural integrity required. I am passably convinced by the whole cutting of mistletoe and gathering in sacred groves reports, but that’s not really a lot of insight. It doesn’t tell me much about what ancient Druids believed.
The relationship between ancient Druidry and modern Druidry is not wholly comfortable. People on the outside tend to assume that either we do know what the Druids did – and mark us down as dangerous and likely to kill people, or that we don’t know – and mark us down as idiots. We’re seen as a very old movement when that serves to invalidate us, and as a very young movement when that makes a better argument for our having no credibility. It’s very frustrating. The new book, Druidry and the Ancestors, came out of a lot of wrestling I did around this topic.
If there’s one concept I could put into the wider world right now, it would be this: Religions are made up by people. All religions. Every last detail of them. They may be inspired, they may be good and useful, or they may be cruel and destructive, but for well or woe, they are our responsibility as a species. We need to stop blaming Gods for the things humans do, and we need to stop using Gods as justification for ever mad fantasy we, as human beings, manage to come up with. Religion is stories, and people make them up.
At which point, why invalidate anything new? Why is a story made up yesterday less useful than one made up in another country, another culture, a thousand years ago and more? Why not make our own stories? Tales of the now, shaping a religious identity that belongs to this place, and this time? Of course that approach will not give anyone a power base. It does not convey authority. This is all to the good. Our cultures would benefit from a lot fewer power bases and a lot more expressions of personal responsibility, I think.
It’s a funny place to be. I am a Druid author, and I really, really do not want to be a Druid authority. That’s three letters of difference, when you get down to it. It means I get to go out in public saying ‘listen to me, but not too much… follow me, but only if you like where I’m going, only if you want to.’ I have the call to arms of ‘really, I’m not always sure what I’m doing, or what I’m talking about’. I don’t actually spend a lot of time telling people what to do. My blog involves a fair bit of airing my flaws and uncertainties in public places. Being open and unashamedly human. I think that’s one of the most useful contributions I can make.
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Friday, 12 October 2012

Not so Great Expectations ..........

When I first started on this journey I had no expectations and lots and lots of questions, now I've been walking with the Goddess for a while I still have lots and lots of questions, but I do have certain expectations and if those expectations aren't met I feel let down and sometimes hurt!

Are my expectations too lofty??

1:  My first expectation is that when someone has said they are this, that and the other and they have been studying, living, crafting etc for oodles of years - well, I kinda expect them to know what they are talking about... it's a bit like going to the car mechanic - you wouldn't expect him to know about an endowment mortgage but you would expect him to know one end of a carburetor from another - yes?

2:  My second expectation is that if someone tells me I'm wrong, completely and utterly don'tknowhowyoumanagetogetdressedinthemorning wrong I would like them to be able to give me more than "because I don't do it that way" as a reason! - yes?

3:  Now this third expectation . one of the first things I read when I started to research what it was that made me different to everyone else was The Spiral Dance (I suspect one of the first books for many) and that led me to purchase The Twelve Wild Swans by the same author (Starhawk) and I'm not sure which book it is in but she talks about paying it forward - or giving back - and basically she talks about teaching and giving of yourself and your knowledge without expecting honors, titles and glorification - so for me it's difficult to believe (even tho I have first hand knowledge of this) that there are Elders, HP's, Shamans and Druids out there that are not walking the walk .... they believe that they invented this Path and that they are the only ones entitled to discuss, teach, muse or opine about anything relating to this Path - that saddens me - to them it's all about the glory, being seen to be doing the right thing even tho behind the scenes they are busy backstabbing, colluding and plotting downfalls of any pretensious upstart that dares to defy them!

So, those are my expectations of the people that I meet along this Path of mine - too lofty an ideal - or just the average Witch wishing the best for themselves and all others along the way??

love and blessings

Raven x x x

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Being Quiet ....

Yep, I've been very quiet on the blogging front it's not as if I have nothing to say - there is LOTS I want to say but for some reason (maybe I'm finally learning tact and diplomacy) I've put a self-imposed censorship in place!

I've been prowling round the edges of my blog debating on what I can and can't say - and in reality I can say anything - well as long as it's not offensive, factually inaccurate or plain wrong .........

Why the self-imposed censor - well - the part of the Shadow I'm working with right now is all about truth and justice - and well, in the last few weeks it seems I've come up against lots and lots of un-truth and injustice and rather than blog my way into a war of words - I've chosen to take the higher path and learn the truth of my heart and the justice of my soul.

Did I need to blog about this - considering this is really a 'no' blog blog - well, yes - I did need to blog - as this is a marker on my Path and it's proof to me of a lesson learned ...... cryptic to you - means lots to me!

And, it clears the brain for a better blog next time :)

love n blessings

Raven x x x