Sunday, 30 June 2013

What a week!

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What a whirlwind week ... seems like only yesterday we were getting ready for the KW online ritual ......... *sighs*

So, apart from working hard what's been happening in my week - well a lot really but it mainly happened this weekend!

Friday saw the last of the Witchcraft Within workshops down in Portsmouth and as much as I've loved spending time with ladies of the KW leadership team, I'm quite glad .... really the drive down and late night after a full working week has been quite draining and with everything else we have been doing my poor house hasn't seen a duster or vacuum in weeks!

We did, however, mark the last one with a bang!!! - midnight munchies and malibu as we had a sleepover at Tansy's... LOL ...

Saturday we went to support the Author'd one at her book launch and give people a chance to chat to the team - and it was wonderful connecting to all the different energies and just talk Witchy for a full day... met some amazing people - and re-connected to some very dear friends!

Also had an Awakening - and the most beautiful guided meditation I've ever had - so although it was a long two days and a tiring two days I feel very relaxed and calm today!

Today I went to a local centre to 'suss it out' as a possible meeting place to hold workshops in for those that can't get to Portsmouth and just happened to purchase an anklet ... now when I say I'll be there with bells on .......... I really will be wearing bells!!!!

Unfortunately, the area is so flaming remote that getting to Portsmouth is easier! But, the intent is out there that we get our Workshops on the road ......

Personally, I want a double decker bus so we can sleep upstairs and make the downstairs into a mobile classroom - but the other team leaders have only humoured me on that one!

I feel so very blessed today - all is right with my world and I'm a happy birdie!

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