Monday, 19 August 2013

How can you work with the Angels and be a Witch ........

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I've been asked a few times recently how do I blend my Angelic work with being a Witch ..... so, I thought I'd blog my answer ........

This is purely my own personal Path, I'm not dissing anyone or saying that this is how it HAS to be ... this is my way...........

Personally, I don't see the two as being seperate and distinct Paths - mine blend and each enhances the other.  I view Diety as a whole, the Divine and I see and speak to Spirits that may be Guides or maybe Angels - I normally, ask who is there to help me with whatever the situation is ..... admittedly the Angels step forward first a lot - but that's because they are so eager to help us .... it's what they 'live' for after all.

I have never been (due to my own moral compass) someone that wishes harm or ill feelings on someone - so I've always 'operated' from a position of love and compassion, when I work a spell it's only to serve mine or someone else's Highest Self, so it's easy to incorporate the Angelic love and wisdom into any of my spell work.

When I do a Rune casting, Card reading, or Chakra balancing again it's only done with the utmost love and care and again, it's easy to ask the Angels, ArchAngels or Ascended Masters for help with that - and again they are happy to assist - all we have to do is ask!

Being a Witch is what I am, I am a Witch at home, at work, asleep or awake, I can't 'turn it off' to become a Lightworker, I'm an Empath 24/7 as well .... so, how could the two workings be seperate??

Yes, I follow the Wheel of the Year (not always on the exact days) but that's my personal choice, I don't always have a full ritual - in fact, the majority of the time I will light a candle and just meditate on the Sabbat, but that's me... I work full time, I'm a mother, grandmother, wife and daughter, co-run the KW School and write lessons, workshops and rituals and so,  I don't always have time for grand rituals at home .......

The Angels complete me, I view them with love and know that they are with me daily, they choose to urge me to work with them, yes there have been a few nay-sayers along my Path that have told me I'm not 'cut out' for this Path, but I kept the faith and now have a Path that works with me and I work with it... I've been told I'm a natural channeller .......... this is normally after I've come out with something profound and then look totally shocked........ I don't know I do it, I can't turn it on and off - but that's another thing for me to learn and I'm excited to learn how to incorporate the loving energy of the Angels into more and more of my life .........

Walking this Path is so very personal, what works for me might not work with someone else, and that's absolutely the way it should be - my way is just that MY way, it's not going to resonate with everyone or anyone else ..........

I am at peace with my Path, I don't justify it or announce it, I live it ....... and the Angels help me to do that, I have to giggle tho, as I have had people tell me that they are Lightworkers from 9 - 10, then they have a coffee and then they research some stuff, then they do their 'witchiness' from 12 - 4, then they are a mother, father, etc - then they meditate from 8 - 9 then they go to bed ........ jeepers I couldn't do that - for one thing - when Spirit speaks and moves in you - it has no linear timeframe - so, how does it know that at 11 minutes past 12 you are not Witch??

I hope this blog answers some of the questions - in short - I am who I am and I can't be anything other than myself :D and hopefully you like that about me...

love and Angel blessings

Raven x x x


  1. Wonderful to find someone with the same worldview as mine. I have neglected my 'work' of late and do understand that I must live each moment on my path.

  2. Thank you for reminding me that to get back on my path. I have neglected it for so long. Wonderful to read of someone with the same worldview and beliefs.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment Lisa <3 x x