Saturday, 28 December 2013

Crystal magic, Rune Workshops and Business ideas...........

(Apologies to all those on my FB pages - you've already read this bit - so feel free to skip paragraph one!)

Today I went shopping and bought myself some crystals (as I do) and I purchased this little beauty SERAPHINITE (technically this one isn't mine this is a google image - but it's very similar) ..... before going out this morning I said my affirmations (my body is awesome and takes what it needs and releases the excess - i need to lose a few pounds!!!) and asked the Angels to help guide me to my higher purpose and to heal my neck as I keep getting a stiff neck ........... when I got home I looked up the healing properties of my little beauty and ............... Seraphinite is said to help you to find your higher purpose and to identify the actions you need to take to allow you to experience peace and fulfilment.

In healing Seraphinite is believed to aid weight loss and to help release muscle tension in the neck!!

I love the way that the Angels continuously show that they are with me even when I doubt myself and my abilities - they never give up on me! 

I am still reeling from the wonderful feedback I got from the Rune workshop and I'm in the throes of deciding if I can do one from home - whether people would be interested - but I know I have another one booked for later in the year .... 

So, that got me thinking about how, what I wanted to do to grow my business and my Path this year - and I figured that if enough people were interested I would run workshops on other subjects too - but on what ?? so that is the 'work in progress' at the moment ..... I will trust the Angels to guide me to the right subject or the right people will be sent to me to ask me to run them ..... LOL - a combination Angel, Witch and Crystal fanatic should be able to find something to talk about ......... right?? 

I mean it's not like I mix my obsessions up - much!! 

So, that's it for 2013 - I am now looking forward to 2014 with much excitement and I know that the Angels have great things in store for me ............. 

love and angel blessings 

Lesley x x x

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