Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rune Draw - 26th February 2013

EIHWAZ ~ Defence, Avertive Powers

Are there obstacles you are placing in your path? Have you like batfink, surrounded yourself with wings of steel that nothing can penertrate??  Eihwaz is the Rune of Defence, defending yourself from critisim, or from failure is acceptable, but sometimes we put the shields up too far and miss opportunites that come a-knocking!   Stop being so defensive, critisim if constructive can be a good thing and even failure has it's own merits - be patient - good things are coming!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Busy Days and Hectic nights ....

Why is it that nowdays everything has to happen at a 'mile a minute' it seems that if we are not constantly doing something we seem to think we are failing at something or other...

At work, at home, everywhere it seems people are rushing around 'doing' - but are they, or should I say, am I actually being productive??

I work with numbers, spread sheets all day long when I come home sometimes the last thing I want to do is sit looking at another computer screen to 'do' more stuff - so, if I give myself a night off from computers do I actually do anything??

Yes I do, I sit and moan about how busy I am and never have the chance to do the things I want to do - because I am always doing what I 'need' to do... which is counter-productive because then I feel guilty that I haven't done the thing that I should have been doing on the computer!

So, I'm putting a POA into place, (plan of action) or to be more exact a POnA... I am going to make sure I take a time out each day to sit and sip a cup of coffee (instead of gulping it down lukewarm/stone cold) - I'm going to take time to just 'be' - not to meditate, or read but just to be still .........

How can I fully listen to the Inner voice, if I am constantly bombarding my ears with sound, how can I see the signs that the Universe put there for me to see if I'm blinded by the computer glare........

Taking a time out is beneficial and for once I'm not going to beat myself up if for five minutes I sit and stare into space without a single thought in my head .......... who knows I may even enjoy doing nothing just for the sake of doing nothing!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Never turn down a helping hand...

I've blogged about this before ... how to keep going when it all feels like to much effort and the way looks blocked with that many obstacles that the only way through is to buy a bulldozer!!

I've  had a week like that....

Hubby has been made redundant and has undergone knee surgery which has effectively ruled him out of doing the job that he has been doing all his working life, just as we were getting our heads above water financially.... my youngest daughter has hit puberty with a vengenance and I'm just starting the menopause ... yep, good times all round ...........not!!!

But, then I guess it depends how you view things... I could take the easy way out and rail at Fate and the Universe and sit at a pity party for one bemoaning my lot and feeling like the world is against me (ok - so I did do that a bit *blush* )

So, what do you do when things look so black and there is no light ........... call out for help, either friends, family even strangers .... everyone has a story to tell and they can help you to look at the bigger picture.... like how, being in menopause brings me to a whole new chapter in my life, I can now carry a handbag with me which I can fill the internal compartments with crystals rather than 'other things'!!  Instead of moaning about hot flashes and restless nights - how I can embrace my own internal temperature guage and dress in pretty layers rather than one big old lumpy jumper, and sleepless nights mean more time to read......... it's not going to last forever and I should enjoy the bits I can while I can!

My daughter is growing up, she's turning into a young lady with her own identity and I should cherish the moments when we aren't fighting like cat and dog!!!!

Hubby will get another job, we won't lose the house and the time at home with him in the evenings are all the more special after 10 + years of feeling like I was a single parent with an occassional bed mate!! ..

Yes, things on this Path challenge us, frustrate us and sometimes confuse us - but, this is my Path and I love everything about it - even the bad times - as I know that to balance the light I need the dark - how else will I know I am happy if sometimes, a little sadness doesn't come....

So, here's to the next chapter in my life ........... bring it on, I'm ready!!!

love Raven x x x

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Every cloud ...........

My thoughts lately have been very introspective and all about manifesting my reality, when I was younger I was very much a pessimist - what could go wrong, would go wrong and it would be all my fault ... so, that's the intent I put out into the Universe....... it's taken me a lot of soul searching, a lot of tears, and a lot of work to get me to the space that I am in currently!

We talk a lot, as Witches, about living in the moment, enjoying it and making it the best that we can - but do we walk the walk?? I know I have a tendancy to be 'bummed' when things don't go my way and then I have a few days of nothing going my way......... like attracts like.....

So, I've been making a concious effort to stay upbeat, to react with love and not misery to situations that have been beyond my control - seeing the bigger picture and looking and finding that silver lining - but let me tell you - that takes work.......... a lot of work!!!!

And, what makes it harder is when it's not you directly that is in the firing line of the darker aspects of life .... hubby is bummed out about his knees and the unemployment situation - and trying to keep him and me upbeat and positive takes it's toll - and there are moments when I just want to scream with frustration and yell at the Universe "why me"......... but, and this is the best bit, something will happen that makes you think ........ "yay me" - because there is a reason for everything that happens - it's just that the Universe doesn't work to the same timescale as us!!

Today's "yay me" was brought to me by my wonderful friends stepping in to boost me through a little slump.....

So, I give thanks to the Goddess for sending me the best friends a girl could ever wish for and for blessing me with a hubby that understands when I get 'snitty'!

love and blessings to all

Raven x x x

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Meditation magic

I've just had an amazing meditation and if you don't mind I will share...

It started by me meeting my Spirit Guide and power animal ... Granny and White stag!!!

Then I was in a cottage watching a crone boil up a salve and apply a cold compress to my leg (I have eczema and it flares up after energy work) then after I thanked her it was like I was in a tunnel and the cottage faded from view as I was whipped backwards ..

Then I was with Aine who kissed my forehead and pointed at my heart, she then led me to a Forest and 'gave me' to Herne ... Both of them then led me to a crystal pool and I walked in and submerged ... Let everything go .. I walked out naked and they wrapped me in a cloak and led me to a Path in the forest ....

At the very end of the Path miles in the distance I could see bright white light and we started to walk this Path all three of us holding hands with me in their cloak!
I feel a great sense of being at home and at peace today, I am so very blessed with my family and my friends. 
And, so now I am going to sit on the settee and read up on Herne and welcome His presence into my life. 
Blessings to all 
Raven x x x

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Comfort Zone <<<<<<<<<<<<< Me!

LOL - I had to giggle at the Rune draw today - it's so apt for me I have been waging war within myself, I've been battling all kinds of obstacles lately and they have all been self-induced ....

Hubby got made redundant and I think I used that as an excuse (having him around all the time when I was used to my evenings free) to not meditate, or even if I did I wasn't doing it properly.

But, then I got to thinking, life changes it's in a constant state of flux and trying to stick hard and fast to a set of procedures was going to do nothing but frustrate and upset me - so I let go of the 'rules' and started to let life flow round me once again.

And that led to me stepping way outside my comfort zone... I (along with two of my sisters at KW) have booked to go on a retreat in May, .......... me.......... the person that gets physically sick when I have to meet people for the first time......... yep, me!

Not only that (although that is very, very exciting) I've written my first ritual for public consumption *gulp* I've done rituals before for myself and I've attended quite a few offline and online rituals, some have been fantastic and some have been so shambolic I found myself wondering what the heck i'm doing there, and now I've set myself up for people to wonder that about mine......... will it be fantastic........ I hope so! but even if it isn't I've taken the first step to being what I want to be ... a Witch that says I can ......... and by doing it, by pushing myself I will grow on this Path and learn more and then I can help others along the way!

Yep, I'm a Spiritual Warrior and the only way is UP!!!!

Rune Draw ... 6th February 2013

Teiwaz ~ Warrior, Strength

The only way is UP... Teiwaz is the Rune of the Spiritual Warrior - and drawing it indicates that the battle you are waging is with yourself.......... look within, look deeply and perservere - because now is the time for growth and well, the only way is UP............

Sunday, 3 February 2013


Brighid, Goddess of home and hearth
Guides us as we walk this path
Triple Goddess of the Maiden moon
Smithy of the forge from sword to spoon

Sacred keeper of the eternal flame
Quick to love and not to blame
Protects the home and what we hold dear
From far away and what is near

Her time is now its a time of birth
Flowers break free from the frozen earth
Spring is coming the world is waiting
Rams and ewes now are mating

Release the old, bring on the new
She guides the journey, She's there for you
Plant the seeds, remove the fear
Spring is coming Brighid is here