Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Two for Tuesday ...........

I know, I know two in one day!!!

I went to Staples today to buy a cork board so I could fashion myself a vision board - and here is the result ...

 So, what is a vision board I hear you cry ..... well, basically its a board that you put somewhere you will see it everyday and then you put things on it that you want to achieve .... for me there is a cheque for prosperity - there is a dove for peace, a page of hearts and love as that's what I want to give and receive.  Audrey Hepburn as she is the woman I admire most for her poise and tranquility (and she's gorgeous) and an English Cottage as that's where I would love to live in peace and harmony with my family......... 

It seems that the overriding factor on my board is peace, love, grace and compassion - that's what I want in my life.......... how about you?? 

Anyhoo, once I got the pens and paper out I felt I had to have a go at drawing something - now drawing isn't my forte but I quite like this quirky Witch .... 

Love the boots - but the face went a bit screwy! 

By the way................. can you tell I'm on holiday!!??!!? 

love Raven x x x 

Gratitude ....

(image taken from google search - artist unkown)

I've been feeling incredibly blessed lately .... as well as a bit hinky .... and so yesterday and today I took time out to say thank you to my body, my universe and to my Angels ...

I have always found life's lessons a little hard to swallow when I've felt that I haven't done anything wrong - you know the ones where someone takes an immediate dislike to you, or the one where a ' friend' is the one that spends most of their time putting you and your dreams down ....

But, i'm learning albeit slowly that these lessons are here to help me to appreciate the blessings in my life - the love and support of my husband is one area where I feel I've been taking it for granted...

I want for nothing in that area, he loves and supports my Path even if he doesn't follow it, I'm allowed to put my 'witchy' bits out for all to see and I'm allowed (within reason) to spend as much time following my Path as there are hours in the day.... and at the end of the day his reasoning is if i'm happy he is happy - and yes I've taken advantage of that in the past ....... not my proudest moment!

My daughters and grandchildren are happy, healthy and unique individuals that brighten my life immensely (but if my eldest has another child I AM emigrating!!!!) :D .....

I'm also very grateful for my 'gifts' yes, being an Empath can be exhausting and can make you feel like you don't even own your 'thoughts' but it gives me an insight into how others react to me - if they choose not to tell me then at least I have a chance to modify my behaviour towards them ... yep, I'm aware that sounds like I'm going against their free will - but in honesty, if their feelings are making ME feel bad then I have the right to make myself feel good.... I am not in control of their emotions only how I react to them!

I am grateful and blessed by the opportunities my Path has opened up for me and I'm grateful for all those opportunites to come .... I'm also grateful for any missed opportunities - they may have passed me by but in seeing them I learn that they come in many shapes, sizes and guises!

From being one that always looks for the 'trouble over the bridge' i'm changing and turning to one who looks at every event as a learning tool to become the best that I can be .......... I will still get it wrong - but in getting it wrong I learn what I don't want or need in my life ........

I'm also grateful for this little blog - a place where I can put my thoughts down and read back and learn the lessons!

love and gratitude to you dear reader

Raven x x x

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Reading, reading, website building ................

I always have been a bit of a bookworm - when I get my nose stuck into the cover of a well written book I'm a cover to cover kind of girl .... yes, it's been known that I will take it with me for a loo break *oops* and yes, it's been known for me to stay up all night engrossed ....

I will read anything, I've even read the back of the cornflake box at the breakfast table if nothing else is available.

If a book is good enough and holds my attention than I am blessed in that I will remember, if not the actual words then at least the 'idea'... So, can you imagine my excitement when I got a letter from the lovely Sue Owen at Angels on Cloud Nine and it included a list of books to read for the course I'm about to study!

Yep, I bounced and headed straight to Amazon to purchase the recommendations!  Out of the five books I bought four have arrived already and I've been nose deep in them!!! Heaven!!...... well, apart from being seriously ripped off on the price of one of them £16.99 charged and when the book arrived the RRP was only £4.99........... still, you live and learn!

I've only stopped reading long enough to start building a nice, sparkly and new website to promote my services to the World .... that's still a work in progress but I'm enjoying the challenge!!

So, what is a girl to do when she's faced with two weeks of holiday ........ why, go and buy more books of course!!!   Although, I didn't - but I did get a fancy new cover for my overused Kindle ........ yep, I have more books and Kindle books than you can shake a stick at ........... and that makes my heart sing!

love and light to you

Raven x x x

Monday, 15 July 2013

Been a while ............. Rune Draw 15th July 2013

JERA ~ Harvest, Fertile Season

You reap what you sow, you've sown the seeds and now it's time to cultivate and prepare for the full harvest.  Success is ensured as this is the Rune of beneficial outcomes - but for now .... patience is a virtue!!!!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

More power to your elbow............

That was one of my Mum's favourite sayings when I announced I was going to do something, have to admit I'm not sure of the exact meaning behind it - but I've always thought that it meant she was wishing me more oomph for the project!

Anyway, I wasn't going to do a blog today, being honest when I came in from work I was feeling angry, frustrated, hurt and deeply upset with myself ........... but then "by the power of FB" I read something which changed my mindset completely .........New Moon, New Musings from Colette Baron-Reid

"We cannot be all things to all people" is the phrase that did it....and it made me think - if no one told me I couldn't do it (whatever it is) would I then worry half as much about doing 'it' ... no, I'd just crack on and go for broke............

I wrote a poem many, many, many moons ago - way before I started on this Path of discovery, and it sums up what I'm trying to say

If i was a mirror what would you see
when you happened to glance at me
would you see tears, sorrow and pain
always the victim someone to blame

If i was a mirror what would you see
when you happened to glance at me
would you see laughter, joy and fun
a ray of brightness like the sun

If i was a mirror what would you see
when you happened to glance at me
would you see stubborness, sheer pride
a chip on the shoulder a mile wide

If i was a mirror what would you see
when you happened to glance at me
would you see friendship powerful and true
reflecting the love right back to you 

Monday, 8 July 2013

Workshops....... and Wonderings

WOW how time flies when you are having fun eh??

This weekend saw our Way of the Witch workshop held at Chi Coffee in Portsmouth and it was a lovely turnout on what I think was the hottest day of the year so far - lots of interesting people with some brilliant questions ....

One of them had me wondering last night when I got home and could finally rest my aching feet .....

What is better being a Solitary or being part of a Coven??? - actually now I think about it - it wasn't so much a question as a conversation we were having .......... I digress,

I'm a Solitary Witch, in that I cast my spells (few and far between) on my own, I do my research on my own but I do my rituals and workshops as part of a Coven so, as I have a foot in both camps so to speak I'll let  you know my personal opinion.....

I think being a Solitary is great, but if you do everything on your own you can't get the other side of the picture, seeing ideas being bounced around and people nodding or shaking their heads when you come up with something is very educational.  

I've long believed that you can't learn by reading alone, and if you teach you are taught by your students - they always give you something to think about - or approach a problem in a different way.....

However, being in a group also has it's drawbacks - with any part of life when you come into contact with strong willed people there is bound to be the odd 'ego clash'.  Petty jealousy and rivalries erupt and even if you aren't involved it's bound to create a sense of dramarama and the smallest things end up being blown out of all proportion!

Or the other side of the equation, surrounding yourself with 'yes' men/women will lead to an inflated sense of self and then you become the impossible person in the group!!!

Finding a good group of people to share your beliefs, workings, dreams, hopes and aspirations with is difficult and takes time and over time the group of 20 - 30 will dwindle as you get to know and trust each other, people that don't serve the groups 'highest Self' will naturally fall by the wayside and that brings it's own upsets and challenges.

But............. when you do find that group the blessings are unimaginable, it's as tho you can fly, nothing is too much effort and you know that no matter what you are supported and loved and cherished for what you bring to the group, there is no ego - there is no "I'm better than you" it just ........... works.   There will still be niggles and challenges - we are after all human with all that entails - but you know that no obstacle, niggle, blimp or wibble will be unsurmountable and sharing your Craft with others enables you to grow and dream bigger and bigger ........ and those dreams may or may not include a bus!!! 

love and blessings to all

Raven x x x

Friday, 5 July 2013

Dream Stealers .... Psychic Vampires and the urge to write .....

Little things have been really niggling me lately and it's more than just Mercury being in retrograde - that stuff normally passes me by anyway....

Image curtesy of google search - artist unknown

Yesterday it all came to a head - and I was having a mini meltdown and just couldn't figure out what was going on that had got me so 'out of sorts' and I realised that yet again I was letting people steal my dreams ... oh I don't mean that they were going out of their way to reduce me to wobbling wibbleness - but little things were beginning to add up........

So, what do you do when someone is trying to steal your dream and suck your energy dry - well, I did a Despaucho ...... and as it burned I visualised my energy coming back to me and a big pair of gleaming scissors cutting the cords to them!

For those that don't know what a Despaucho is ... it's explained here .... Arthur explains Despacho's - I wrote mine and then wrapped it in a spell I'd improvised

Angel wings and cleansing shower
Guide me to my ultimate power
Psychic vampires I can do without
I AM worthy and there's no doubt

Guide me, heal me, make me whole
Guide me to what nourishes my Soul
Let this draining energy release
My heart and leave me in peace

By the power of elements four
I lay these requests at your door
By the power of water, earth, air and fire
This is my will and my desire

As with any spell, what you are releasing needs to be replaced with something or the Divine will feel that space with more of the same - so as I released my fear, self loathing, anger and jealousy - I replaced them with love, peace, compassion and friendship!

Do I feel better ????? - yes I do - I feel very powerful, I've taken back my power from those that I'd inadvertantely given power over me!

I've been drawing cards all week that have been urging me to write - and I think it's more than just writing in my journal ... but what to write - what do I have to offer anyone that isn't already out there ??? - Hmmm, anyone have any ideas - then let me know .....

love and peace to all

Raven x x x

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Be careful of your worms............!!!

image curtesy of google search - artist unknown

Yep, that does say worms!

Although I'm not going to talk about wriggly insects - but more about words and how they have power!

It has long astounded me that the written and spoken word has the power to cast some to the lowest depths or lift them to the heighest heights!

I've struggled throughout my life with lack of confidence and low self esteem - do I love myself .... umm I like me and I'm learning to embrace my curves and grey hairs - but love - nope not quite there yet!!!

And I really am quite a sensitive person, so when a 'so called' friend or family member puts me down I tend to take it really personally and have been known to 'stew' on it for hours, days or even months - ok - years!

It has taken the collective power of my Sisters of the Craft, my hubby, the Goddess and the Angels to get to me where I now take the 'knockbacks' as less about me and more about the people they come from - but every now and then I lapse......... I am after all only human!

So, when I read 'enlightened' Pagans ripping each other apart and calling them all sorts of names and gossiping from one page to another on FB I really despair - it may be nothing more than one sentance - but that sentance can destroy the reader who they have never met and is learning to walk this Path of love and trust!

Honestly, we have no right to call out anyone on their practises and beliefs, and if we do we are no better than the people we purport to be better than (another term I hate - I'm no better than anyone else that walks this planet)..........

So, be careful of your worms my lovelies - for one day they may rise and bite you!

love Raven x x x