Saturday, 3 August 2013

Exciting Times and Holibobs.............

Phew what a flurry of activity the last week has seen for me and the rest of the roost....

Firstly, last weekend saw me become a Certified Angel Reiki practioner - and I'm soooo happy about that - it's something that has been calling me for a while, but, having had my 'dreams stolen' from me it took me a while to 'claim' my title........

I did 'worry' a little after I signed up for the course on how working with Angels would work with my Path of being a Witch - and I needn't have worried at all - they compliment each other so well and it's enhanced my Path immersurably!

I am working on a website where I will be able to offer Angelic Reiki and readings and other bits and pieces but that's a work in progress at the moment...... watch this space!

After the Reiki weekend we headed off to the Lakes ........ did ya miss me?? and stayed in a lovely Grade II listed hotel .... which had the strangest of energies to it - nothing I could pinpoint or 'tap' into to see who or what ..... just echo's of the past ........ made sleeping a tad difficult which then played into the daily adventures ........ I'm a tad grumpy when I have no sleep.........

Strangely, our last night there (where we had to get up at the crack of dawn for an earlybeatthetraffic getaway) was the best night I had all week!

Tomorrow is the Kitchen Witch Schools Crystal workshop and i'm looking forward to that ANNNNNNNNNND also........... no, you can wait for that one :P

love and angel blessings

Raven x x x

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  1. Great post Raven. I believe in the Angels too and like you, I wondered how that would work with witchcraft. But I've found that they work great together and after all, our path is our own and we can believe in whatever we want as long as it harms none :) xx