Monday, 8 July 2013

Workshops....... and Wonderings

WOW how time flies when you are having fun eh??

This weekend saw our Way of the Witch workshop held at Chi Coffee in Portsmouth and it was a lovely turnout on what I think was the hottest day of the year so far - lots of interesting people with some brilliant questions ....

One of them had me wondering last night when I got home and could finally rest my aching feet .....

What is better being a Solitary or being part of a Coven??? - actually now I think about it - it wasn't so much a question as a conversation we were having .......... I digress,

I'm a Solitary Witch, in that I cast my spells (few and far between) on my own, I do my research on my own but I do my rituals and workshops as part of a Coven so, as I have a foot in both camps so to speak I'll let  you know my personal opinion.....

I think being a Solitary is great, but if you do everything on your own you can't get the other side of the picture, seeing ideas being bounced around and people nodding or shaking their heads when you come up with something is very educational.  

I've long believed that you can't learn by reading alone, and if you teach you are taught by your students - they always give you something to think about - or approach a problem in a different way.....

However, being in a group also has it's drawbacks - with any part of life when you come into contact with strong willed people there is bound to be the odd 'ego clash'.  Petty jealousy and rivalries erupt and even if you aren't involved it's bound to create a sense of dramarama and the smallest things end up being blown out of all proportion!

Or the other side of the equation, surrounding yourself with 'yes' men/women will lead to an inflated sense of self and then you become the impossible person in the group!!!

Finding a good group of people to share your beliefs, workings, dreams, hopes and aspirations with is difficult and takes time and over time the group of 20 - 30 will dwindle as you get to know and trust each other, people that don't serve the groups 'highest Self' will naturally fall by the wayside and that brings it's own upsets and challenges.

But............. when you do find that group the blessings are unimaginable, it's as tho you can fly, nothing is too much effort and you know that no matter what you are supported and loved and cherished for what you bring to the group, there is no ego - there is no "I'm better than you" it just ........... works.   There will still be niggles and challenges - we are after all human with all that entails - but you know that no obstacle, niggle, blimp or wibble will be unsurmountable and sharing your Craft with others enables you to grow and dream bigger and bigger ........ and those dreams may or may not include a bus!!! 

love and blessings to all

Raven x x x


  1. very good and very hot day,but still full of information. was lovely to meet new people and hear different all did an amazing job well done.I could of spent so much longer listening and learning.
    Silver jasmine (red head in the photo )

  2. I am a solitary believer, but I do enjoy attending a group, workshop once in a while. Where I live this is very hard to come by. I know there are Pagans here, but they lay low and don't form groups (at least that I know of.)

    My favorite groups were the ones that I went to when learning about Shamanic Journeying, and one small woman's group that met once a month.