Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Be careful of your worms............!!!

image curtesy of google search - artist unknown

Yep, that does say worms!

Although I'm not going to talk about wriggly insects - but more about words and how they have power!

It has long astounded me that the written and spoken word has the power to cast some to the lowest depths or lift them to the heighest heights!

I've struggled throughout my life with lack of confidence and low self esteem - do I love myself .... umm I like me and I'm learning to embrace my curves and grey hairs - but love - nope not quite there yet!!!

And I really am quite a sensitive person, so when a 'so called' friend or family member puts me down I tend to take it really personally and have been known to 'stew' on it for hours, days or even months - ok - years!

It has taken the collective power of my Sisters of the Craft, my hubby, the Goddess and the Angels to get to me where I now take the 'knockbacks' as less about me and more about the people they come from - but every now and then I lapse......... I am after all only human!

So, when I read 'enlightened' Pagans ripping each other apart and calling them all sorts of names and gossiping from one page to another on FB I really despair - it may be nothing more than one sentance - but that sentance can destroy the reader who they have never met and is learning to walk this Path of love and trust!

Honestly, we have no right to call out anyone on their practises and beliefs, and if we do we are no better than the people we purport to be better than (another term I hate - I'm no better than anyone else that walks this planet)..........

So, be careful of your worms my lovelies - for one day they may rise and bite you!

love Raven x x x

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