Friday, 28 March 2014

Growing pains ......

Today has been all about me being a big grown up and not the normal bouncy happy go-lucky lady that I normally am......

I've been dealing with my accountant and setting up a bank account for Arc of Angel Light and boy, does that make me feel growed up and 'portant .... although I have to say dealing with that side of things does suck all the joy, wonder and fun out of doing this ...... well, it could if I didn't have an extremely lovely accountant, who is an absolute angel at answering my questions :D

It did get me thinking about how far I have grown in just the four months since I opened my business, yes, I'm running at a financial loss but the things I have done, the people I have met and the courses I've taken have opened up more and more avenues and excitement for me and more than make up for the pitful bank account and that feels me with such pride and awe. 

Back in October I made the decision that I would walk this branch of the Path, at the time I was like a toddler with the training wheels taken off... I worried and fretted that I couldn't do it on my own, I stressed about how I would meet people and therefore how would I 'network' and 'sell my wares' and all that stress and worry came to nought!  The Angels provided for me when I handed it all over to them with a 'here you go, I trust you'

 LOL - that's not to say that I still don't fret and stress ... just maybe not as much!

I have been incredibly blessed with the most amazing mentor and friend who is showing me the way and doubly blessed with my bestie who is my sounding board, kick butter extradoinaire and chief cheerleader.  She's come a long way with me and I thank the Angels every day for her.

Blessings to you all

Lesley x x x

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Full time worker - part time Witch ......

Does that sound familiar??  I must admit it is a struggle when you work full time in an office to be anything other than a part time Witch,  .... I work full time and have a house that despite my best efforts doesn't stay tidy all by itself and a family that I need to give some of my time too .... there often doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day .... but I try!

Balance is something that we all strive for, for a lot of people that's merely the balance of the highs and lows of life, but for us modern working away from home Witches the balance is more of making time for our Spirituality, finding time to meditate when the dishes need doing, having a moment in nature when the office is demanding our attention........... so, how do we achieve this.

I try to incorporate my Spirital side into my working day, I wear my pentacle ring, I have crystals underneath the computer monitor and those moments when I am alone in the loo I will do a quick ground and centre and say thank you for the good (and bad) moments...

At home, I'll have a five minute meditation while in the shower, I'll stir in love and harmony into the food I'm preparing.  I'll read a book or go out into the garden and whilst 'weeding' I'll be thanking the Angels and my guides for the blessings of the day :D

I've spoken to people that assume that to be a Witch you need to be casting spells and practising the Craft every minute of the day - it's not possible - well, not for me.  In the office I need to promote a professional image, I need to dedicate my working hours to the people that pay me, I can't be 'messing' with herbs and potions.

But, I can be repeating my affirmations in my head, I can (under the pretext of thinking) get in a quick ground and centre or gratitude prayer.  I can stir my tea while saying a spell in my head.  We don't (and some of us still can't) wear our robes and 'witchy' clothes into a professional environment but we can wear jewellery, we can carry crystals and we can take time out in our lunchtime to do a quick card pull ...

It's not easy, I struggle to find the time to do all I wish, I would love to be able to stay at home and devote my every waking moment to my Path, but, this is the hand I have been dealt and I am doing the best that I can, when I can, in those moments that present themselves.

with love to you all

Lesley x x x

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Blue skies, sunshine and feeling good....

Isn't it amazing that as soon as the sun shines, after what was admitedly the soggiest February I can remember, everyone seems so much happier and willing to smile....

Today I purchased a crystal ball ready for my Angelic Reiki Master Practitioner course - so looking forward to that - and to making a connection with my crystal ball :D

I also purchased a set of oracle cards to add to my ever expanding sets of oracle cards - these tho are purely for my use and I don't think at this stage I will be using them to read for others - but never say never eh?

Short blog from me today as I'm off now to enjoy a glass of wine and the sunshine :D

love and angel blessings to all

Lesley x x x ^i^

Saturday, 8 March 2014

To charge or not to charge - that is the question???

I had an interesting discussion last night on whether to charge or not for the services I provide and it's always been a bit of a conundrum for me.

So, do I charge or not charge... I do both, I am running a business yes, but I am also aware that not everyone has a stash of spare cash hanging around.

If, I am spending a lot of time on something, like writing Rune lessons, then yes I do charge a minimum, because it's my time that is being used and the feedback on each lesson will not be just a 'yeah ok' but will help and grow that persons knowledge.

Equally, if I am giving a Reiki treatment or a Crystal healing, then I would charge as I have had to pay out to learn and you could look at it as me re-couping my costs.

However, if I offer a service like a mini reading then I probably wont charge as I've asked you; not you asking me - does that make sense - so I don't charge ALL the time for my services.

So to charge or not to charge........... it's still the question that poses the most problems to me :) - how do you feel about it?

love Lesley x x x ^i^

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Are you really a Witch.....????

image courtesy of Anne Stokes 

When I talk to people I'm often asked "Am I really a Witch as I don't cast spells" - well, if that's the criteria then I'm not a witch, neither are a good few of the other witches I know and love,

Spell casting is really a very small part of being a witch and on the other hand its a HUUUUGE part.  You see ............ no.......... confused?

What I mean is that I rarely sit down and cast an actual spell with the cauldron bubbling and the incense burning and sending my intent for a specific outcome, however, I do on a daily basis put intent into everything I do.

When I stir the food on the stove I pour in love, health and happiness, when I am feeling blue or out of sorts I will say my affirmations I AM.......... two of the most important words in my opinion.

Basically, there are many ways to 'cast a spell' without all the fuss and hullabaloo that a full on ritual requires, don't get me wrong I quite like all the majesty of a full ritual - but for us modern witches, sometimes time is of the essence....

So, are you a Witch, if you feel it - then you are!

love and blessings to all

Lesley x x x ^i^

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Rune talks, lessons and workshops

I shall be giving a talk at this Mind, Body and Spirit Spring Fair - and it's way outside my comfort zone but that to me is what walking this Path is all about sharing knowledge...

Saying that I have been approached to write some Rune lessons which I would love to do - but that became the tussle inwardly do I or don't I charge - I'm all for one giving our knowledge to others but I also have to factor in my time and effort to write the lessons and then 'mark' them - so I settled on an energy exchange of £3 per lesson which is less than a packet of 10 cigarettes, I still feel a bit bad about it tho :(

I will also be doing a workshop in June about Runes - and I believe this is sold out already :o !!!

Seems I'm doing a lot of rune stuff :D and it's great as I love my runes :D

love and blessings to all

Lesley x x x ^i^