Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Runes, Reiki, Re-alignment and Roosting!

I've been so lax lately about doing a Rune draw - that tonight I thought I'd spend some time reacquainting myself with my 'fisherman's friends' ....

So, I put my hand in the bag fully expecting to not pull an 'apt' Rune - and so I pulled

Othila - Seperation, Retreat, Inheritance

This Rune is so apt, it echoes nicely what my Enchanted Map Oracle cards have been saying all week - this Rune represents possessions and the home, and I've been busy physically and psychically cleaning my home and been busy potting herbs and buying plants to make my garden more welcoming.... so in a way I have separated and retreated from my more normal routine of being online all evening and hoping that the housework will disappear!

Next item on the agenda - a nice shower followed by a full Reiki session on myself - I've only done this once before and whilst I don't feel down or worried or stressed - I do feel slightly off kilter - so it's a case of "Physician heal thyself" - although I am not and will never be a doctor ............ 

love and blessings 

Raven x x x

Monday, 23 July 2012

The Witch Within

The following poem was inspired by a very lovely friend of mine who happened to mention that the phrase The Witch Within was spinning round her head - what will happen to that spinning we are yet to find out - but in the meantime ..... enjoy!

The Witch Within, is deep inside
But from Her you cannot hide 
Her voice will speak, you have to hear
She will make you face your deepest fear

She is the one that guides the spell
Casting the circle so all is well
She is the one that guides the intent
And let’s you know when energy is spent

If you can’t find the answer without
Ask the Witch within there’ll be no doubt
Intuition, a Spirit’s call,
The Witch within speaks to them all 
 Love Raven x x x

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sabbat Crafting .......... yes me ..... yes really!

Well, I've been crafting ready for Lammas and being honest if you'd have told me a few months ago that I'd be doing this - well I'd have said you were barking!

But, there's been a subtle but undeniable shift in the way I think and feel - and that's given me a new confidence in myself - I may not be brilliant at what I am attempting - but instead of saying I can't, I'm no good, I'll be useless ..........

I'm saying - give me the tools - let me have a go and let's have fun!!!!

So, what have I been creating ..........

This is a salt dough wreath ready for Lammas and a Pentacle ...

A broom and an offering dish ....

And here they are painted ...............

They aren't completely finished as I need to varnish and add some sparkle - especially to the Pentacle - but I have to say I am well chuffed with them!

love Raven x x x

Thursday, 19 July 2012

I'm baaackkkk!!

I have been scarily quiet lately, I've barely blogged, rarely journalled and been a bit quiet on FB too - guess I've had to take the time out to focus on what is really important to me and to find a way to deal with the loss, grief and upset of recent months.

Have I done all that - well the short answer is no - BUT - I have made a start and in making that start I have turned myself around and instead of descending into the black pit of depression I'm making choices on how I want to be!

So, what exactly have I been up to - well, I've been working (well, one has to if one wants to keep a roof over her head and food on the table......... the Goddess helps those that helps themselves)!

I've been living the Craft as well, I've made Despacho's ...... my very good friend Arthur blogged about them here ...How to Make Despachos and I've cleansed and blessed my house.  I've adapted my Altars to suit the change in my working and set up a meditation Altar just for me (and the cats - for some reason they seem to love that one and can't leave it alone)

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I've started writing poetry again ......... more on that later!

Working Altar ...... 

Altar to honor Aine 

Meditation Altar 

I just have to set up my Lughnasadh Altar now and I'm good to go! .......... New Moon - new projects!!! 

love and blessings to all 

Raven x x x

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Moving Mountains .....

A couple of times last week I pulled The Mountain card

"You have the capacity to flow around any obstacle.  This is the time to adapt"

I drew this card upright and reversed - and I got it - there was an obstacle in my way and I just had to be patient and I would see a clear way past the obstacle ........... easy right?????

Ummmm - no - not when the obstacle was Me.. how the heck do I get out of my own way so that I can progress ........

Well the answer is with a lot of tears, raging and the love of my true friends - who know when to kick my butt and when to hug me and say "go ahead be an ejit - we are gonna love you anyway"

Obstacles don't need to be from an external force, and it's not always obvious what the obstacle / blockage is it may be from an event that happened months, years, decades or even lifetimes ago - but when it's here then there is no easy fix, there is no shortcut - there is only hard work, exasperation and a willingness to work through it .......... believe me the temptation to say Pfft forget that and walk away is sometimes overwhelming..........but the rewards when you get to the top of the Mountain - the clear vision, the heightened senses, the joy dropping view of the valley makes it all worthwhile!

So, if there is a blockage in your road, grab your cramp-ons, grab some rope and be willing to climb, wait, traverse, and build bridges ......... and remember that right behind you pushing you and right in front of you pulling you and right beside you cheering for you are your Goddess, friends and family - for once you are on this Path you are never, ever alone!

love Raven x x x

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Weather blues and technological breakthroughs

Today hasn't been very productive for me at work - I've been so tired and drained and I'm sure that for the first time ever I am suffering from S.A.D (seasonal affected disorder) - this weather really is dismal - you wake up to grey, grim overcast and sullen skies and I don't care how upbeat and positive a person you are - no hint of Sun for four days gets a body down .... we have more sunny days than this in the 'depths' of winter!

I need to see the Sun ..... 

I know I shouldn't moan as last week we had some glorious weather whilst we had the Canadian Royalty here - and that leads me nicely to the technological breakthrough ........

I have an iPhone and I love it - but every now and then it throws me for a loop while I can't work out how to do something that seems so easy - todays challenge - how to upload the photo's taken whilst my visitor was here onto my computer ....

With a lot of trial and error and only a few minor cuss words - the photo's are now all safely stored on my computer, backed up on disc and sitting in the iCloud ....... go me!

However it did bring home to light that there aren't many pictures of me and my Bestie together - that will have to be rectified when we go over to Canada next year............

love Raven x x x

Monday, 2 July 2012

Monday 2nd July

Ohhh my, how quickly you get out of the habit of things - for the last couple of weeks I haven't been at home and I've not had a chance to do a Rune pull, card draw or even meditate properly and I've missed it!

It's my connection not only to the Divine but to myself, I didn't realise (yes I know I'm a bit thick) but I deal with a lot of my shadow work whilst meditating - I sort out the 'kinks' of the day whilst meditating and I speak to the Goddess in meditation - take that away and I feel lost, alone and miserable!!

I have appreciated getting back to the core of my Spirituality, I've loved not being reliant on my 'things' to make me feel witchy - but you can only take so much away ..... take my stuff just leave me time to meditate!

It's made me appreciate far more than I did - how lucky I am to be open about my Path and to not have to worry about what others think - yes I know that there are those around me that think I am 'playing' and that it's a phase I'll get over - but they are in the minority and being honest their opinion doesn't really bother me other than I "I don't diss your belief's so don't diss mine" attitude with them!

Having this time away from what I was used to has also made me realise just how much I've changed and grown in the space of a year or so, it's empowered me but it hasn't come easily and it has come at a price - the people that I called friends are no longer around me for one reason or another they have dropped out of my life and whilst I know that change is good and that not everyone is going to be with me forever it is a bit sad..........

I guess all the changes I have been through this year have seen me looking back with some sadness- but no regret ..... I am on this Path for a reason and I know that I don't walk it alone!

So, now I've waffled for England - I shall go and have myself a cleansing bath, a uninterrupted meditation and give thanks that I am exactly where I need to be!

Love Raven x x x