Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Musings on a Tuesday .....

On Tuesday's I draw a Rune for the Divination Diva's blog - and today I drew Teiwaz ....

Teiwaz - The Warrior

Always the battle with the Spiritual warrior is with the Self,  are you lacking motivation and will-power at the moment as you face adversity?? do you feel as if you have reached rock-bottom and life is still sticking it too you???  Look within you, the answer is there .... you know what you have to do to turn this around to get the arrow pointing the right way,  lusting after a particular outcome may not serve your highest good and even if an association is short-lived don't worry, it has served it's purpose and the time has come to move on ........... In the words of Yazz and the Plastic Population ........ the only way is up!

I really feel this Rune today - so much has happened this year - some good, some great, some not so good and some really horrible - and I've battled with my depression off and on all year .... it's made for some challenges - but that's what this Path is all about - and Teiwaz says it perfectly - the battle is with the Self!

I've doubted myself, I've argued with myself, I've got angry, I've cried, I've got frustrated .... but through all that I've grown - I'm not the same person I was at the start of the year.  I'm not sure all the changes have been perceived as a good thing by those closest to me ......... but I only have one life to lead and I have to lead it the best way I can, with my head held high and with my heart open to giving and receiving love ....

love Raven x x x

Monday, 27 August 2012

Mystical Monday

It's been a long weekend here in Britland and the weather has been typically British .... basically it's rained ... a lot!

But, that has actually been a good thing because myself and the hubby has steamed, cleaned, brushed and scrubbed the house from 'bottom to top' ...

I don't know if it's normal, but I've always had two times in the year when I do the 'deep' clean - you know the one where every cupboard gets pulled out and all those screws, hooks and miscellaneous bits and pieces that you put away because 'one day' finally get put in the rubbish and all those clothes that you promised you would 'diet' into finally get sent to the charity shop as you realise you will 'never' be a size 10 again!

Yep, I've spring cleaned in Autumn and it felt good to get rid of all the clutter and debris that no longer served any use.......... and in doing so I realised that I was also Autumn cleaning my mind and my Path, clearing the clutter to allow more learning - now that can only be a good thing!

love n light

Raven x x x

Friday, 24 August 2012

Ansuz ..... (Reversed)

Today's draw is Ansuz (Reversed) - the key words are signals and messages - so this is the Rune of communication  .......however, reversed this Rune is associated with the God Loki - and we all know what a trickster He can be!!

So, if you are fretting and fussing about a mixed signal or a communication breakdown, and feel a sense of futility and that you are wasting time or that you are being lied to or deceived then ........consider the uses of adversity and use this time to clean away the old behaviour or responses that 'clogged the Well' and know that what is happening is timely to your process but will soon pass!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Gebo - Give yourself a big kiss

Today I drew Gebo as the Rune De Jour - and everytime I see this Rune I just want to pucker up!

It's a big kiss from the Universe - it's telling me that no matter what I'm doing, how I'm feeling or what is about to come the Divine and I are in partnership and She is giving me the gift of a big Kiss!

love n light

Raven x x x

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Mabon Poem

In the lazy, hazy days of Summer,
The bumblebee took flight,
He buzzed around the flowers
And took nectar for his delight

The squirrels all went hunting,
For nuts and berries bright
To keep them in mid-winter
When the larder shelves are light

Now Autumn falls upon us
The days are drawing in
We must make preparation
Before the winter rain sets in

This is a time for harvest
Of colours, red, orange, brown and gold
A time to gather and reap
The fruit from seeds we sowed

Take time to honour the Goddess
For the abundance in your life
Take time to give thanks now
For your health, wealth, husband and wife

We make the bread, then break it
To taste the wheat within
We make the mead, then drink
For the honey we put in

Goddess bless the bees and their busy hive
Goddess bless the squirrels hiding in the dray
Goddess bless each one of us and
Let us thank the Goddess for this blessed day

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mystical Mondays on Tuesdays!

Life is a funny old thing .....

When my Bestie was here she showed me how to do a Chakra 'check' with my Pendulum and I'd got into the habit of doing it at least once a week - but I haven't done it for a while - and boy did I know it - I did the chakra test yesterday and can we say 'screwed up' I was a total mess - every chakra bar one was blocked closed.....

That certainly explains some of my behaviour lately - and me trying to figure out why I was reacting to things that normally I'd let slide ... hey ho - lesson learned if you have a tool to use and you don't use it .......... then don't moan when life throws you lemons!!!

Last night I had a very 'mystical' time - I made a despacho for some issues that I've had trouble dealing with lately ... the main one being anger and fear ... the fear of rejection has laid heavily on me for a while and I couldn't work my way through or out of it ... it came to me after I did the despacho - that I put an awful lot of stock in what people think of me (guess we all do) and rather than wait for them to 'reject' me - I will sabotage the 'friendship / relationship' ... it's not something that I know I do - but I am beginning to see a pattern emerging!

After the despacho and the A-HA - I did a spot of automatic writing - this is where you just write with no 'thought' behind what to write - you write for 5 minutes and just let everything out onto paper .......... honestly you would have thought a spider had danced in an ink well and crawled across the page - I have no chance in reading it back - but I guess that's not the point!

And lastly I started my Mabon Altar .....

love 'n' light to all

Raven x x x

Monday, 13 August 2012

Pie Crusts.............

All day today the following phrase from Mary Poppins has been banging about in my brain ...

"Ahh, that's a pie crust promise, easily made and easily broken"

I've been really struggling lately with people - people that I love and trust with all my heart are letting me down left, right and centre and I'm not even sure that they realise it half the time - and yes, I know the biggest part of being a Witch is to be true to yourself and speak your truth - but when do you get to the stage where even you are fed up with hearing the same nag, whine, whinge, come out of your mouth ..... when does hearing the same old excuses just get to be ........ well, lip service???

I have really struggled with keeping going, all I've wanted to do is head to the hills and just ..... let them get on with it ..... I'm still struggling with that ........... I don't like to admit defeat, I don't like to give up but sometimes the fight just isn't worth the prize .....

Today's Rune:  Perth ~ Initiation, Something Hidden, A Secret Matter

This rune is a Rune of mystery, it is the Rune for rising above the mundane ebb and flow and lifting yourself to a higher realm ....Perth asks you to let go, release everything, no exceptions .......powerful forces of change are at work and like the Phoenix you will rise from the ashes and soar again ........... nothing less than the complete renewal of Spirit is called for here!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Rune Draw 9th August

Thurisaz ~ Gateway, Non-Action (Reversed)

Are you trying to push ahead even tho the way is not yet clear - you have to let people open the gate before you can barge right through!

Thurisaz is here to tell you to slow down, you may be in a period of accelerated growth but make the most of the hold-ups, take stock and take time to process all the things you are learning - if you try to squeeze to much in - then like a sponge the more you fill it with water at the top the more it leaks at the bottom!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Coming to Life .....

Have I told you how much I love the Enchanted Map Oracle cards ???  - No, well I do they are speaking to me like no other and I have lots of decks - I have all of Colette Baron-Reids decks so to find a deck that speaks so well - I'm in love!!!!

Anyway, today I drew Coming to Life ~ Something Beautiful is Being Born in Your Life

This card asks if you can see how far you have come in your life - and it got me thinking - how do we 'know' when we have grown if we don't keep a record of our Path, our life, our dreams ... yes, even our dreams as I know the dreams I had when I was a child were different to those I had as a teen, a young mum and now a not so young mum *cough* .......... my dreams evolve with me they sometimes fall by the wayside, some are so unattainable that you have to give them up ...........*sigh* doesn't matter how positively I think I am never going to be a 6ft blonde model ......... I could be blonde - I may have been a model - but 6ft ...alas I am vertically challenged!!!!

I digress, how do we know we have grown if we don't lay down our thoughts, our aspirations and yes, even our fears and worries ...????

When I first started this Path I was fortunate to join an online school that actively encouraged keeping a journal both an online journal where others can comment and an offline journal for nobody's eyes but mine where I could truly be ME.... and although sometimes it's a chore, sometimes I don't want to be online or bother going to get a pen - I can honestly say journalling has been one of the best things I've ever done - because when I am asked to look back to see how far I've come............... I can

love and light to all

Raven x x x

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Making Choices .........

Today, like every other day I drew an oracle card and today's card is

Making a Choice - and what this card says to me is that I can no longer sit on the fence it's time to decide to do what is right for me!

That goes totally with what I wanted to blog about today, and that is speaking your truth ... it's really a lot easier said than done - especially when it comes to other people and their feelings - so, how do you stay true to yourself and not hurt the other party...

Well, all I can say is that it involves a lot of soul searching, a lot of heartache and a lot of biting of lips and fingernails but the relief when it is said and done!!

What am I prattling on about ??????? - well, recently somethings' have happened and I've not spoken from my heart, I've said or done what was 'expected' of me (that's not always what is right for ME tho) and it's caused me some turmoil while I wrestled with what I want to say or do and what I was expected to do.... making sense yet????

Ok, let me use this as an example ....... we have all seen the endless FB statuses that tell us to SMILE, BE HAPPY, PAINT A SMILE etc ........... how on earth is that being true to ourselves??? - why should I force an emotion on myself that I am clearly not feeling just because 'society' wants us to be that way... if I want or feel the need to be a miseryguts then who is to say that I can't be ....... there may well be a reason that I look like a miserable old bag ....(or it could just be my face ala Ringo Starr) ..... but either way - how can I be true to myself while I am trying to conform to what others want me to be!!??!!

Taking that thought a step further ...... I don't want to live in Stepford - I don't want to be surrounded by grinning mannequins - I want to be surrounded by genuine people, with real feelings, people that are content enough in my company to be 100% honest about the way they feel - if they want to be quiet, then tell me to shut up, if they want to dance around to Beethoven while in their jammies doing the dusting then 'go for it' - because if the mood takes me - then I am going to do just that!!!

So, how does this relate to the card I drew - well, today is the day I decide that as long as I express myself with love and honesty then I am making the choice to be true to myself ............

love Raven x x x


Friday, 3 August 2012

Dissolving in a bubble of light

I have just had an amazing meditation - I wasn't expecting it to be as awesome as it was ....

I've done this meditation a few times - where i've pictured myself sat in a bubble of light and then gently 'bobbed' off to where I am to be .... but tonight I wasn't so much IN the bubble as I WAS the bubble!

Normally, I get a sense of me sitting, laying, standing and can 'see' myself inside the bubble - this time I was a pair of eyes the light had filled me and surrounded me and lifted me .....

Incoherent - you bet!!!

Anything else to add - nope not a thing - just wanted to get it down somewhere so I could remember the feeling!

Happy weekend everyone - may your day be full of light and love!

Raven x x x

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Follow the leader ....

“Every life is a teaching tool for others. Your authenticity and honesty are an example of those around you.”

I actually pulled this card reversed today and basically it is giving me a gentle push to take the initiative and to stop waiting for others to do what I want them to do - and if I speak my truth with honesty and integrity then I will be surprised by the outcome... 

I have to be honest and say I feel that I am at a crossroads - I feel that I've been swept along on a tide of emotion for the last six months and right at the moment I don't actually know if I am doing stuff for me, for family, for friends or just because "it's what I've always done" 

This card is asking me to look into myself and to take charge to make things happen for me and instead of following where other people lead I should be looking to forge my own path ....... 

I think I shall be pondering this for a while :) 

love and blessings to you all 

Raven x x x