Thursday, 16 February 2012

To comment or not to comment ....

I've been thinking lately about my blog, well more to the point I've been thinking about the lovely people that have taken time out of their day to comment on my musing and rambling ..... what is blog etiquette do I reply to their replies ???

It's not like facebook - on there they will know that I've seen the comments as I can 'like' them, but if I don't reply will that offend them and then they won't come back and visit me ???

I wonder is there a book on Blogging Etiquette??

I've been musing on this especially since the Pagan Blog Project as it's generated traffic to a lot of blogs (not just my little one) and it seems to be a personal thing - some bloggers reply to comments and some bloggers don't ...

So, if you a reading this and you have previously commented on my ramblings please be assured that I treasure and value each and every comment and thank you for them .........

love and blessings to all

bunni x x x

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