Thursday, 9 February 2012

Daily Oracle Draw (or lack thereof...)

I really should rename these as it's not so much a daily draw as an When I remember to post draw - I do draw my cards daily but quite often forget to post them .......... oh well!

Today I'm not going to do a card draw - I shall be drawing a Rune - the reason ....... I have got a cardboard cut on my holding hand that is right where the cards sit - and I'm a bit of a wuss and it's hurts!

WUNJO ~ Joy, Light (Reversed)

Well, I would say that doesn't need much explaining - I'm not feeling the love - if you look at WUNJO it looks like a flag flying from a pole ... flags are normally hoisted in victory - I'm battling towards my victory and the battle has been long and tiring - but if I remain focused, trust in myself and the Divine then I can not fail! 

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