Thursday, 23 February 2012

Spring is soon to be sprung

Well, it looks as if Spring has come a wee bit early to this part of the Universe, today we had lovely sun, it was warm and I've noticed the first tree with shoots on ......... but, tis not only the weather that's changing ...

I've been feeling a little unsettled lately... yes, part of that is the job situation but it's more deep seated than that - it's a weird, odd feeling.  I don't feel disconnected so much it's more a restlessness.  A feeling that something is about to happen ....

Reminds me of a line of a song ..."It's only just out of reach, down the block, on a beach....." (WestSide Story for those interested - Tony sings it just before meeting Maria....... yes it's my all time fav film!)

It's also a feeling of wanting to do more... now I already meditate, draw my cards and  Runes and speak to the Goddess daily as well as shoving my beak into any Witchy book I can find  and as i'm not one for doing spells for the sake of it (LOL as my whole BoS consists of three spells now I think that's an understatement) ......  I'm at a loss of what 'more' I can do.......

Maybe, I am just going 'stir crazy' and waiting for the dark days of winter to brighten to the warm days of Spring, maybe when the job situation is sorted I'll feel more settled - or maybe I am going to find my 'more' when the Goddess reveals it to me ........ until then I will keep on keeping on!!!

love and blessings to all

bunni x x x


  1. Spring is a time of quickening. The transition. Just like in labor, it's "uncomfortable".

  2. I've never thought of it that way Hippy - thank you - that makes sense x