Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Sometimes less is more .....

Just recently I've hit a bit of wall, Spiritually all is going well, mundania - well not so much!  It's all stemming from self -esteem issues and feelings of being less than worthy 88% of the time..... (the other 12% I am awesomeness itself!!!).

I am currently looking for work - and lets say the ratio of interview to offer is pretty dire... my CV (Resume) gets me through the door, my interview skills are fantastic (not one feedback has been negative), but I STILL can't seal the deal - so, for a doubting Bunni - this lesson in patience, faith and trust has been pretty traumatic ......... I thank the Goddess everyday for the friends that have listened to me bleat on and on!! 

So, thinking and feeling pretty grotty the other day I headed off for my bath and a Chakra cleanse and this happened........

I had my bath and laid on my bed  ... so, I'm laying there with the crystals placed doing their thing and  I went off into a meditation with a difference - I didn't go anywhere and I didn't seek an answer to anything but it was amazing ......... 

I sage'd and cleansed my brain!!!  .... I had a visualisation of me walking round my brain with my smudge stick and feather and cleared every inch of my brain - released and cleared any negative thoughts and invited only thoughts that served my highest good to come in!

Then I saw myself in my heart (not a valentine heart but a pumping blood real heart and yep it was gross) and I saw myself opening my heart up to love, acceptance and compassion!

Then I saw Ma'at and I gave Her my financial, employment and esteem issues - She put them in a bag and took them away with Her!

I have felt pretty humble but awesome since then - and so when I heard yesterday that another job I'd gone for had hired from within the company I fully expected to feel down and miserable - but I don't, I'm not doing cartwheels and leaping for joy, but I am calm and patiently waiting to see what will come next. 

Tonight is the Full Moon and I'm really looking forward to spending time tonight in front of my Altar and meditating, as the moon is in Leo tonight with the emphasis on self  - which is perfect as I know I am a work in progress .....

Full Moon blessings to you all 

love bunni x x x


  1. very interesting! x ps very good luck with your job search too! =)

  2. very interesting! good luck with the job hunt. x