Monday, 13 February 2012

Monday Muses.....

I am feeling a bit battered and bruised after this weekend, it's been exciting and eventful not all good... but not all bad either ........  

Friday was a good day - I had the day off of work and spent the day doing not a lot of anything really .. I had a nice, quiet day hubby was at work and so I had the house to myself :) PJ party for one!!  Hubby normally works from 2 in the afternoon til 10 at night - so as this was the first Friday in years that he would be home as he had some sort of course we had made plans to go out, as daughter would be staying round the Grandparent's :D 

Ever heard the expression "Best laid plans............" - Yep, my Friday did not go to plan - daughter decided that she wanted to come home - so that meant hubby and I couldn't go out.  Oh well, least we did spend the evening together ..... 

Saturday was not a good day - I have been losing weight with Weight Watchers and last week I had been so good, I'd tracked, drank my water, eat well and yet when I stood on the scales I'd put on weight and well, on top of the disappointment of yet another knockback on the job front - I crumbled and my Stiff Upper Lip turned into a quiver and I hate to admit it - but I cried - it just seemed to be one more thing that I'd 'failed' at ........ so Saturday became a bit soggy!!! 

However, all was not lost - Saturday night I was guided into writing down all my worries, fears, anxieties and then giving them to the Goddess ........ so I had an impromptu ritual - wrote my fears etc on a piece of paper - burnt the paper in my cauldron and then scattered the ashes in the garden.  It was very liberating and the tears that had cleansed me - now felt like they belonged to someone else - it all seemed a bit surreal! 

Sunday, I met up with the most amazing Witches and we walked the stones in Avebury - and held another impromptu ritual - this time in a snow trod Pentacle ...... to hold hands and listen to the beautiful voices of two of the group singing my favourite Goddess song ......... perfecto!!!! (next time I may join in :p) .......... as rituals go it was off the cuff, simple, wonderful and sooooooooo right for us - how can anyone not be moved by that???

That was my weekend - and I wouldn't change a single thing, even the tears!! 

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