Friday, 3 February 2012

C is for ....... Competition!

I know what you're thinking.... competition that's not very magickal or Spiritual - but hang with me for a moment...

I was going to blog about Carnelian or Cerridwen or any number of other things but I was reading something in Kitchen Witch forum and it got me thinking about competition...

Hands up.... how many of us know those perfect Witches..... the ones that know EXACTLY the right herb, the right crystal, the right moon sign ............. I'm really lucky 'cos I know several :-)    but we all know at least one.......... and how many times have we 'upped our game' to try to imitate or be like them.???? C'mon be honest........

Competition is healthy it's good for you and it can lead to the most amazing discussions and A-HA's as you pool your knowledge with these 'perfect' witches .... but when competition turns to jealousy, envy and pettiness then that's not healthy!!

We can only walk our Path's, we can't walk anyone else's and they can't walk ours, so maybe your PW (i'm a lazy typist....) can name all the herbs in her garden, whilst you can only name a dandelion.... or he can tell you a crystal piece from 25 paces and you struggle with moonstone and quartz, does it really matter??

I'm 100% certain that there are area's in your Spiritual / Magickal life that they aren't perfect in, but you take those for granted as they come easily and naturally .... maybe they are Champions at crystals but they can't tell a tarot card from a playing card. Perhaps they can tell you the difference between belladonna and basil but they can't tell a Rune from a Rubik's cube..............

So, whilst some competition is good and natural - it's when we neglect our own intuition, our own gifts to try to compete with our PW's that's when the problems occur.... for how can you tell if you have a gift for Runes if you spend 100% of time trying to read the cards and getting vexed and stressed because 
your PW is a Tarot guru and to them it's effortless but for you it's like swimming upstream for mating season???

Never doubt for one moment that you do not have talents or are not as gifted as the next Witch along ...... you are Perfect but a different way!!!

love and blessings to all

bunni x x x


  1. good post, like the honesty. :-)

  2. I love this article! And yes, you're right, competition is part of paganism... somehow. There's always one Witch that tries to be the "best", to be the one that knows everything about every subjects/gods/ and so on. That's not an interesting competition because it's done in an unhealthy way. I think living our spirituality in a personal way is what brings more harmony and fulfillment (I wrote about it recently).

  3. Love this post. I have some healthy competition with a class mate/ sister and it makes things fun too. I love you tarot and rune reference lol, there have been some forms of divining I have been good at and some that i absolutely could not grasp. Have a Blessed Day!

  4. Loved your post - I sometimes get bogged down as there seems to be so much to learn - but I think if I've a need to know it it will stick in my brain somewhere! And I can always double check with the internet!

  5. Loved your post! I see the same happen in university life - a friend of mine tried to do her PhD in linguistics, but only when she accepted that this was not her field did she become calm again. Now she's happily (and quite successfully!) studying New Zealand literature.

  6. Wonderful post! Not a lot of people admit to being competitive lol. I myself don't have the inclination but I also don't have another Pagan near by but I admit to being a pretty competitive person in other aspects of my life lol

  7. What a great post. Its so important that we remember we all have our strengths, and our weaknesses. I know I for one have to remind myself often its okay not to be Superwitch, as long as I keep learning!!

  8. I remember when I first started on my path and was ready to learn everything from all the "Perfect Witches"... then I found out.... after lots of stress and the unhealthy jealousy stuff cropping up amongst them... that learning their particular craft.... might not be what I want to know after all... ;-)

  9. This is great! I enjoyed the comments as well - I think you;re right; we all have our areas of expertise, but keeping your on strengths in mind can be hard when confronted with someone to whom learning comes easily if you're one who struggles to retain basic information. Hopefully, the 'perfect witches' that you come across have a beautiful spirit and attitude so that they are a blessing rather than a burden :) Thanks for sharing!