Sunday, 26 February 2012

Altar (s)

So, in response to my muse the other day of what I could possibly do to do 'more' - one of my awesome friends planted a suggestion and that suggestion prompted an Altar....

I have an Altar in my living room - which is dedicated to Ma'at and Apollo ....

And it is wonderful and I am so very much in love with it - the only snag I had was ... when I meditated I sat on the floor and as an automatic response to that - I crossed my legs - which left me feeling that I was blocking movements .......... so, I wanted somewhere where I could work my spells, draw my tarot / runes and do spreads without having grovel on the floor.............

This is where I will do my meditations and spell casting ... it's in the extension right by the french doors so in the Summer I can bring the outdoors in .... It is also the room where I am going to do my tarot spreads.

After I 'dressed' the Altar - I cast a protective circle round the altar and the room - and said a chant as I cast the circle - I can't remember the exact words ... something like: 

As I cast this circle here,
I banish all doubt and fear,
No more doom and gloom
Only love and laughter in this room,
This is my intent I make this clear
As I cast this circle here!

So mote it be!

Also, in the room  I set up an Elemental / Prosperity Altar and in the drawers underneath are all my cards, incense and 'stuff' that I may need .......

Tomorrow I will finish de-cluttering the rest of my house and making my home truly magickal ... as well as look for a job!!!!! 

Love and blessings to all 

bunni x x x


  1. Beautiful altars!! Is that a white goblet in the last picture??? ooohhhhh!

    I just love seeing pictures of altars. I agree - I like to be comfortable in my space, so sitting on the floor doesn't work for me, hence my rocker!

  2. MM Aine - yes it is a White Goblet - I have no idea where I got it from I've had it for a few years now, I haven't seen many like it... Ohhhh I'd love a rocker - will have to keep my eye out for one!!!

  3. My entire house has become an altar. I decided long ago that if it doesn't have a special meaning to me, I don't want it. Almost everything that surrounds me is a gift from someone, a gift to myself of things I've found in nature either at home or while on vacation.

    Your altars are beautiful.