Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Interview luck spell

As you may know I've been searching for employment - I had an interview today and so I thought last night I would ask the Divine for a little help..

What I need is some luck - so I thought I would invoke a pentacle and write my name and the company's name into the centre ........ I was thinking the Air pentacle ........


The words are Luck, Worth, Positive, Value ... there are images of Clovers (my interpretation of them) horseshoes, pots of gold and the rune Inguz for New Beginnings .

On the back I wrote the 'words' I said in the ritual ....

Goddess Ma'at of Judgement fair,
Within this pentacle we have a pair,
The time at last to stop the grind,
The job is found I'm no longer blind.

This job is for me, I feel it's right,
The search has ended the prize in sight,
I invoke the Air and the Goddess Ma'at,
This is the job no doubt of that.

As I invoked Air - I drew the pentacle in the air and after I said the words I lit a green candle for prosperity and have left it to burn out - the words and drawing are on the altar behind the Goddess candle - and it will stay there until I get the call to tell me I have the job :)

I then sat quietly and visualised myself at the interview - making the interviewers smile, getting nods of approval. Then I saw an image of me at my desk with a cup of tea in a mug that said Blessed Be on it ........ I don't own a mug that says that.........yet!!!!

So, now we wait and see!!! 

love and blessings to you all 

bunni x x x 

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