Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tuesday's thoughts

It's been a very long day today - the school is open and the first students have been welcomed ..... there's a lovely happy buzz about the forum and it's brilliant - so many things have conspired to make this a wonderful experience  and I'm looking forward to walking this Path with some lovely people - teaching and being taught at the same time!

That's the wonder of this Path for me - that I never stop learning and I learn from everyone I meet .... admittedly some of the lessons are not as nice as the others and some are definitely tougher to get through but from the newest Witch to the Oldest Crone - I've learnt much and I'll continue to learn ........... Woot!!!

Now it's time for a nice cup of something, a nice relaxing bath and a meditation with my Shaman Quartz - this piece of crystal has been calling my name for the best part of the evening so far and there's only so much you can ignore Spirit before you get smited .................!!

Beltane blessings to all

Raven x x x

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