Friday, 18 May 2012

J is for Juggling!

This week I'd really struggled with what I was going to write for the PBP - I researched Juno, looked up Jupiter and meditated on Jera ... but at the end of all that I decided that I was going to write about Juggling...

Not very Spiritual I hear  you cry..... ahhh but it is - you try and hold down a full time job (green ball), run a house (blue ball), have young children and a husband (yellow ball), an elderly father (pink/blue stripey ball) and honor the Goddess and live a Spiritual life (red ball) ......... there's more but I've run out of balls!!!

I guess if you want me to get Spiritual I'd say it was a lesson in balancing - but balancing brings to mind a beam with weights on both sides - or the balance of shadow and light!

My Spiritual life is much more a circus act of juggling and blowing my own trumpet I'm getting very good at keeping all the balls in the air!!! .... every now and then the Goddess will decide I have it too easy and throw another ball at me - or I'll drop one - but more and more I am learning to prioritise and Juggle my time so that I can spend time with each 'ball' and not feel that I am neglecting any others!

So, how do you juggle the demands of mundania and honoring your Spiritual life??  For me it's making time - time for my daughter, time for my Dad, time for hubby, time to meditate - but it's not like a fixed time - I don't wake up and then run my day by the clock .............but somehow with much juggling I get everything that I need in my life into each day ....... I could do with a few more hours tho - especially when I get lost in a meditation or in a good book!

Love Raven x x x

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  1. Ah yes the bouning ball! Good analogy! I enjoyed reading your post

  2. Ah the bouncing balls.....Good analogy! Enjoyed reading your post