Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday 13th May

Shhh - but I'm feeling a bit better today - I definitely feel more myself and feel that I can actually get some stuff done today .. or I may treat myself to another lazy day? Bearing in mind I have work tomorrow - I will have the lazy day ... maybe get outside and spend some time in the sun - yes - we in soggy Britain have sun - well sun and clouds!

Today's Card (s)

Compass ~ As long as you orient your compass to true North - the direction of your higher power - you will never be lost

Into the Unknown ~ Trust and all will be revealed

Not sure that either of these cards need more explanation - I am entering uncharted territory and I have to trust that as long as I focus on working with my higher power I will be guided to the right outcome / path!

love and blessings

Raven x

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