Thursday, 17 May 2012

Creation 'splanation ....

Once upon a time I belonged to an online school and for one of the homeworks I had to write a Creation myth ...and that got me thinking - well it would  ....... so after much false starting I wrote my creation myth - this is how I would want to explain it to my daughter or grandchildren - and who knows it may be right..... 

When people ask me how the world was made and how man and woman came to be, I tell them this story from the Old ones

Softly the starlight fell on Her as She floated in the sea of inky blue darkness alone She traveled the universe, floating as one with everything, but something was missing – what could it be that She would need?

She needed light She thought and so from deep within She brought forth the Light, the Light warmed the skies and was the balance to Her Darkness.

Eons passed with Light becoming Dark and Dark becoming Light – when suddenly the Light said, “we have so much love between us, let us share this love” So, She gathered the dust from the stars and made a ball which she placed near to the Light, not too close, but close enough for Light to warm the ball.

Light was happy with his ball and named it Earth and ran around circling it She chased Him and they played happily together.

One day She felt sad and wept for her sadness, these tears fell as rain and landed on Earth, the tears created Seas, Lakes, Ponds and Puddles so now the Earth had water and things began to grow trees and plants rose up and up to reach Her to thank Her for their birth. As the roots delved into the Earth they moved parts of the ball and created mountains and plateaus.

A tree grew, a mighty Oak that grew so tall it could whisper to the Light and Dark and it asked for knowledge which it sent down it's trunk for the other plants to hear.

Light circled the Earth and watched as plants grew tall, then withered and died with each cycle making the land more fertile, so more would grow, Light grew sad, He wanted others to share this Earth.

She listened to Light and decided that Earth needed more than plants, She took herself away and quietly set to work and made birds, fish, animals and Humans, little people that She gave a bit of Light and Dark too, each one was made differently, but each one had a spark of Her in them to help them see from where they had come from.

She gave each heart love, joy, compassion and Knowledge and as Light moved round Earth She placed them after He had gone. As His circle completed He soon saw the birds and animals and Humans and laughed bathing them in warmth

The Humans felt the warmth and danced with joy and happiness and tended to the plants and ate the berries and drank the water from the land.

As She circled behind the Light they felt the coolness and saw the blackness of the sky and they would cover up and lay down and rest – so Night and Day were born, Light ruled the Day and She ruled the Night

During the Day when the Light was on the land the Humans would work and eat and tend the plants with love and pride, the mighty Oak was listened to as he carried the wisdom from the Lady of the Night and Lord of the Day

And that is how the Earth was created

You may be wondering why I've put this here - and the honest truth - I don't know I just know that I didn't want to lose it :)

love Raven x

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