Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wednesday 16th May

Today I want to talk about love, love is easy, love comes naturally and love helps the world go round... Well, some of those things definitely ... love does come naturally and love does help the world go round - but love is easy ........... no way!!!

Love is hard - it's not difficult to fall in love, but to stay in love .... that's the hard part, after the initial rush of endorphins - staying in love with the man that snores, farts and has feet that smell like something died in his shoes - well ... yep that's hard ...... I'd like to point out that I may or may not be talking about specific people here!!!

And it's hard to stay in love with the world - when it seems that you are being sent one problem after another, after another, after another - because we all know that good and bad comes in threes! It's hard to 'not take the world personally' sometimes.....

But, when you view the world through 'rose-tinted' glasses isn't it wonderful - everything seems brighter, mundane tasks seem easier and life just flows more beautifully..... and here's the best part - we fall in love everyday...... Every day is brand new it's a new day full of wonder, excitement and the unknown!

I'm going to work hard to stay in love with the world and my place in it, because I love being in love and love the feeling of being in love ........ and the way I see it (through my rose-tinted glasses) is this .... love is definitely better than anger, sadness and misery and the only one that can  make me angry, bitter and miserable is ME, I am the change that I need.

*ramble over*

Today's card:  Home ~ You are comfortable in your own skin - you Belong!

How apt - home is where the heart is - home is love, it's where we feel safest and at peace and at one with ourselves and with our surroundings! - Yep I am home

love and blessings to all

Raven x x x

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