Friday, 11 May 2012

J is for Jealousy

Jealousy is an insidious monster, it doesn't arrive with a bang and say "Hey look at me I'm the green-eyed demon you've heard so much about" because if it did you would prepare, shield and knock that demon right out the park.

Jealousy sneaks, it twists and turns, it manipulates and it takes our greatest insecurities and gives them a voice and a rather loud voice it has .... it can drown out reason, sense and love! And it attacks the heart ......... jealousy is all about feelings and emotions - those lovely ethereal things that flit in and out of our lives .....

Jealousy doesn't reason, jealousy doesn't come and say "ok today you are going to be jealous because X looked at Y and you like X" and then wither and die .... once there jealousy will take over like Ivy growing over a wall it will happily be the only plant in the block, it doesn't like to share and will strangle any other living thing in it's way.... even if that means it will eventually kill the host. Jealousy doesn't stick to one thing either it will start with X looking at Y and will then happily move onto Y laughing with Z... it doesn't do boundaries natural or supernatural - it will taint everything with a tinge of green!

How do you prepare and defend against jealousy ..... with love and a lot of hard work - but you can't do it for anyone else they can only do it for themselves - they have to realise that X is capable of loving, laughing and having a good time with others and that it doesn't demean their relationship with X (or Y come to think of it) at all .........

I've lost many a good friend to Jealousy - they've resented the fact that friends can be friends with other friends and not lessen the friendship with them - I've been the person they've festered the jealousy against - blaming me for the non-existent loss of their friendships .......... all because they are under the infection of jealousy!

If there is one emotion I truly hate it's jealousy - when that sucker gets his grips on  you - it takes a very strong person to 'get out from under'

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  1. {{{Raven}}} Great post - I have had a lot of trouble with so called friends in the past - to the point where I got bullied in school by a supposed best friend as she couldn't stand me talking to anyone else. Good post sweetie and *Hugs*