Friday, 4 May 2012

I is for Initiation

Initiation - hmmm - let's look at the Dictionary

in·i·ti·a·tion  (-nsh-shn)
a. The act or an instance of initiating.
b. The process of being initiated.
c. The condition of being initiated.
2. A ceremony, ritual, test, or period of instruction with which a new member is admitted to an organization or office or to knowledge.
3. The condition of being knowledgeable.
I have had a number of conversations regarding Initiation versus Dedication - and it seems to me that people get the two confused!
Starting at a Wiccan school a new student, has to undergo training and will only be able to begin initiation after studying and meeting course requirements, group initiations are not allowed. Only the initiate and the initiator are involved, or the initiator and their Priest/Priestess working together. The initiator has to be of the opposite sex to the initiate, reflecting the male/female polarity of the God and Goddess.... now how does that work when you are a solitary and don't have a Coven in your vicinity - well you can join an online school.
Being honest, I have never initiated to this Path or to a Coven or Grove - I have dedicated myself to my Path, my Coven and my Grove - to me an Initiation is to commit myself totally to that to one thing - my loyalty should not wavier, however, as a Dedicant if my journey takes me to another level - or to another branch of the Path then I am not breaking any vows or promises. 
This may be simplistic, this may be a 'cop out' - but it works for me, as I am learning I find myself studying different aspects - I've studied with OBOD, I've studied with other Witch schools - but ultimately, my Path took me to where I am now - but had I initiated to a Grove or to one of the other Witch schools - then would I be able to do what I am doing now ????????? I don't know - all I know is if I make a promise - as a woman or a Witch then I will honor that promise / vow .......... 
love and blessings 
Raven x 

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