Monday, 30 April 2012

Opening Day Jitters

Well, we officially open the doors tomorrow for the School - and I'm more than a little nervous, this all started as a conversation in Starbucks between two close friends - and has blossomed into a wonderful school that I think / know will do really well .....

And do you know what - this school has actually followed the Wheel of the Year - we had the discussion before Imbolc (sowed the seeds), the lessons were deadlined for Ostara (budding / blooming) and now we are welcoming the Students creativity and lust for knowledge (Beltane) .....

I have to say tho - I haven't really thought about Beltane this year - what with one thing or another - but - I will celebrate tomorrow I just haven't set up an Altar but sometimes life does get in the way and we have to 'roll with it'

On Saturday we will be having our 'meet and greet' and I'm really looking forward to meeting new people and expanding my knowledge as I grow along with the new friends I am going to meet!


Raven x x

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