Friday, 25 May 2012

K is for .... Kindred Spirits

*sighs* - I was hoping for something a little easier in the PBP - but for K all I could think about was Kyanite, Karma or Kali .... then in meditation it came to me Kindred Spirits

The definition of a Kindred Spirit is:

A person that shares beliefs, attitudes, feelings or features with another

That's such a weak definition - I personally believe a Kindred Spirit is a Soul friend, what the Druids would call an Anam Cara - someone that knows you and is with you regardless of location, age, gender - it goes beyond physical love, it encapsulates everything that is good and wonderful!

This connection goes beyond friendship, there is no pretense, there is no 'hiding'  - there is only a complete and utter acceptance that warts an all you are together in this and probably many, many lifetimes to come.

When you find your KS - you know, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever, it may be your husband/wife/child/sister/mother ......... it could be your neighbour down the road, or (as in my case) my Sister from another Mother over the Pond ....... 8,000 miles separates us, an ocean lies between us - but the connection is so strong that I know when she wakes up, when she burns herself with the straightners and when she has a headache .... for her part she feels my emotions too!

However, based on the above definition .............. I have several close and loving Kindred Spirits with me and each and everyone of them is as part of me as my fingers, toes and blue eyes .........

LOL - maybe next PBP blog will be something better than my mutterings :)

love Raven x x x

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