Saturday, 12 May 2012

Saturday 12th May

Sheesh - what a week I've had - much of it spent in bed 'resting' - while my body got over the icky virus that got me .... I guess that's the Divine's way of telling me to slow down (if not stop) and to take things easy!

Today is the first day I've felt like doing much of anything - but instead of running around doing the shopping, I'm doing some spiritual work ...

Today's card is:

from Colette Baron-Reid's The Enchanted Map.... isn't it stunning??

I love this card I like this card - it tells me that nothing is impossible - I can reach the stars and that I can clearly see not only where I have been but more importantly where I am going - from my advantage of height I can see if there are any obstacles in my way and soar over them! It tells me that I've put the hard work in and now's my time to glide effortlessly on my way!

This card got me thinking, about my Path and how I deal with things that rear up as I travel along and I can honestly say that I have changed a lot since my very first days as a scared newbie dreading the thunderbolt from above if I made a mistake!

Life is for living and this Path is for experiencing, enjoying and working and yes for flying - for when we fly we can achieve what we thought impossible and stretch ourselves in all ways .........

People will ridicule you, people will try to take your achievements away from you - let them - because the only one you are walking this path for is you (well you and the Divine) and as long as you can look yourself in the eye and say "I am the best Witch I can be" then you will always be the best!

And, personally, I think the people that ridicule others on the path show themselves up far more than the people they ridicule - but that my dear readers is a rant for another day - today the sun is shining, I'm flying high and seeing clearly - so I'm going to have a nice cup of tea and then go and feel the energy of a cactus ..

love and blessings to all

Raven x x x

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