Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Follow the leader ....

“Every life is a teaching tool for others. Your authenticity and honesty are an example of those around you.”

I actually pulled this card reversed today and basically it is giving me a gentle push to take the initiative and to stop waiting for others to do what I want them to do - and if I speak my truth with honesty and integrity then I will be surprised by the outcome... 

I have to be honest and say I feel that I am at a crossroads - I feel that I've been swept along on a tide of emotion for the last six months and right at the moment I don't actually know if I am doing stuff for me, for family, for friends or just because "it's what I've always done" 

This card is asking me to look into myself and to take charge to make things happen for me and instead of following where other people lead I should be looking to forge my own path ....... 

I think I shall be pondering this for a while :) 

love and blessings to you all 

Raven x x x

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