Monday, 13 August 2012

Pie Crusts.............

All day today the following phrase from Mary Poppins has been banging about in my brain ...

"Ahh, that's a pie crust promise, easily made and easily broken"

I've been really struggling lately with people - people that I love and trust with all my heart are letting me down left, right and centre and I'm not even sure that they realise it half the time - and yes, I know the biggest part of being a Witch is to be true to yourself and speak your truth - but when do you get to the stage where even you are fed up with hearing the same nag, whine, whinge, come out of your mouth ..... when does hearing the same old excuses just get to be ........ well, lip service???

I have really struggled with keeping going, all I've wanted to do is head to the hills and just ..... let them get on with it ..... I'm still struggling with that ........... I don't like to admit defeat, I don't like to give up but sometimes the fight just isn't worth the prize .....

Today's Rune:  Perth ~ Initiation, Something Hidden, A Secret Matter

This rune is a Rune of mystery, it is the Rune for rising above the mundane ebb and flow and lifting yourself to a higher realm ....Perth asks you to let go, release everything, no exceptions .......powerful forces of change are at work and like the Phoenix you will rise from the ashes and soar again ........... nothing less than the complete renewal of Spirit is called for here!

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