Saturday, 4 August 2012

Making Choices .........

Today, like every other day I drew an oracle card and today's card is

Making a Choice - and what this card says to me is that I can no longer sit on the fence it's time to decide to do what is right for me!

That goes totally with what I wanted to blog about today, and that is speaking your truth ... it's really a lot easier said than done - especially when it comes to other people and their feelings - so, how do you stay true to yourself and not hurt the other party...

Well, all I can say is that it involves a lot of soul searching, a lot of heartache and a lot of biting of lips and fingernails but the relief when it is said and done!!

What am I prattling on about ??????? - well, recently somethings' have happened and I've not spoken from my heart, I've said or done what was 'expected' of me (that's not always what is right for ME tho) and it's caused me some turmoil while I wrestled with what I want to say or do and what I was expected to do.... making sense yet????

Ok, let me use this as an example ....... we have all seen the endless FB statuses that tell us to SMILE, BE HAPPY, PAINT A SMILE etc ........... how on earth is that being true to ourselves??? - why should I force an emotion on myself that I am clearly not feeling just because 'society' wants us to be that way... if I want or feel the need to be a miseryguts then who is to say that I can't be ....... there may well be a reason that I look like a miserable old bag ....(or it could just be my face ala Ringo Starr) ..... but either way - how can I be true to myself while I am trying to conform to what others want me to be!!??!!

Taking that thought a step further ...... I don't want to live in Stepford - I don't want to be surrounded by grinning mannequins - I want to be surrounded by genuine people, with real feelings, people that are content enough in my company to be 100% honest about the way they feel - if they want to be quiet, then tell me to shut up, if they want to dance around to Beethoven while in their jammies doing the dusting then 'go for it' - because if the mood takes me - then I am going to do just that!!!

So, how does this relate to the card I drew - well, today is the day I decide that as long as I express myself with love and honesty then I am making the choice to be true to myself ............

love Raven x x x


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