Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Mabon Poem

In the lazy, hazy days of Summer,
The bumblebee took flight,
He buzzed around the flowers
And took nectar for his delight

The squirrels all went hunting,
For nuts and berries bright
To keep them in mid-winter
When the larder shelves are light

Now Autumn falls upon us
The days are drawing in
We must make preparation
Before the winter rain sets in

This is a time for harvest
Of colours, red, orange, brown and gold
A time to gather and reap
The fruit from seeds we sowed

Take time to honour the Goddess
For the abundance in your life
Take time to give thanks now
For your health, wealth, husband and wife

We make the bread, then break it
To taste the wheat within
We make the mead, then drink
For the honey we put in

Goddess bless the bees and their busy hive
Goddess bless the squirrels hiding in the dray
Goddess bless each one of us and
Let us thank the Goddess for this blessed day

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