Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mystical Mondays on Tuesdays!

Life is a funny old thing .....

When my Bestie was here she showed me how to do a Chakra 'check' with my Pendulum and I'd got into the habit of doing it at least once a week - but I haven't done it for a while - and boy did I know it - I did the chakra test yesterday and can we say 'screwed up' I was a total mess - every chakra bar one was blocked closed.....

That certainly explains some of my behaviour lately - and me trying to figure out why I was reacting to things that normally I'd let slide ... hey ho - lesson learned if you have a tool to use and you don't use it .......... then don't moan when life throws you lemons!!!

Last night I had a very 'mystical' time - I made a despacho for some issues that I've had trouble dealing with lately ... the main one being anger and fear ... the fear of rejection has laid heavily on me for a while and I couldn't work my way through or out of it ... it came to me after I did the despacho - that I put an awful lot of stock in what people think of me (guess we all do) and rather than wait for them to 'reject' me - I will sabotage the 'friendship / relationship' ... it's not something that I know I do - but I am beginning to see a pattern emerging!

After the despacho and the A-HA - I did a spot of automatic writing - this is where you just write with no 'thought' behind what to write - you write for 5 minutes and just let everything out onto paper .......... honestly you would have thought a spider had danced in an ink well and crawled across the page - I have no chance in reading it back - but I guess that's not the point!

And lastly I started my Mabon Altar .....

love 'n' light to all

Raven x x x

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