Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2013 - More of the same and good things to come

Well, silly season has come and gone and it seemed that 2012 wasn't quite done with me....

Unfortunately, we suffered another loss as my MIL passed over to Summerlands ... I mourn her loss and yet I know that she is no longer suffering but has been reunited with her Husband who left us so long ago now...

So, my thoughts now turn to 2013 I believe this year is going to be bigger and better than last year ... I feel a shift in energy and I' ve felt all kinds of wobbly that I normal associate with a period of growth....

I' ve started reading again and  I've decided that I need to get back to doing my daily draws and then journaling them as I miss being able to look back on the wisdom I gained or the help I received as we know that mundania can take over at anytime!!!

I am also going to make myself the promise of updating this blog, at least once a week!!

We are going to be very busy at KW as well as we have some more things we want to introduce to the students and that will also enable us to grow on our personal journeys as we step outside the safe walls of our comfort zones!

I also need to spend sometime with my poetry .... I have always felt that my poems were ' not all that' but the response they have received on FB have me thinking that maybe it is just nerves getting the better of me ...... remind me .....what did I just say about comfort zones????

New Year .... New choices....New challenges...... New ME!!!!

Love and blessings to all

 Raven x x x

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