Saturday, 19 January 2013


I think I should warn you this is apt to be a bit of a rant ....

What's got my dander up?? - so called Enlightened people that seem to think that they know everything!

Recently, I was accused of being a 'middle-age' woman playing at Witchcraft !!!! - yep, well one part of that is right - if I live to be 90 then I am indeed middle age - as to playing at Witchcraft ....WTF!! - who gives anyone the right to 'diss' anothers beliefs??

Now, if this had come from someone not involved in the Craft then maybe I would have laughed it off but it didn't it came from people that have nothing better to do it seems than to discuss me and my fellow Coven's practise!!

Apparently, having fun and enjoying our rituals means that we don't take it seriously enough - ohhh please - like the Gods and Goddess' don't have a sense of humour - and being honest - I much prefer the energy of a circle that is all 'engaged' than one where we are just stood around listening to someone 'preach' - but would I diss them - would I go out of my way to make my feelings known?? - no - I would just stop going to those rituals - to each their own path!

I've also been told that HP, HPS, ArchDruid's word is the word of God ..... OMGoddess - seriously??? - what a crock of poo - yes, I agree that the HP would have the final say, I respect my HP immensely, I go to her for guidance and seek out her counsel - but if she told me to jump the words "how high" would not be uttered - i'd first be asking why she wanted me to jump.... if I wanted a faith that dictated to me about what I can and can't do and had no respect for my thoughts and feelings then I would be going following a more 'mainstream' faith - I can't believe that anyone could say those words and believe them - and then in the next breath spout off about being in 'loving faith' where everyones thoughts are honoured!!!

My Sisters and I spend a lot of time discussing how we can bring the Craft to people with love and respect, we have been disrespected, ridiculed and put down - why??

Jealousy - pure and simple - we have formed a connection that others can not conceive of - and it's based on love, mutual respect and total honesty - a foreign concept to some!

I'm extremely angry that anyone would diss my practise, my Sisters, my faith without having actually spoken more than two words to me - I'm severely disappointed that these 'enlightened' beings would share our practise and then go off and gossip - if they didn't like our ritual - then stay away - no harm, no foul - but to gossip and chitter chatter and pull apart someone for the sake of a 'good conversation' - well, I find myself questioning how many others they have done this too - and how they can hold themselves morally higher than anyone else..........

My Sisters and I don't always get it right, but we try very, very hard to be welcoming and loving, we try very hard to make everyone feel at ease at our offline (and online) rituals and we inject fun and laughter into our rituals because at the end of the day they are a celebration of the love we have for the Gods and Goddess - a celebration doesn't have to be serious - in fact I'd go so far as to say it's a contradiction in terms!!!

I've been to quite a few offline rituals now - and standing in the circle listening to someone invoke My Lady while sounding bored out of their skull has really sucked the fun and wonder out of the day for me! But, until now I've kept my counsel on that as that is THEIR way of honouring the Goddess - it differs from mine and that is ok........... in fact it is more than ok - it is a glorious, wonderful way of being - because no way is the RIGHT way and no way is the WRONG way - it all comes down to personal choice - isn't that why we all follow this Path in the first place???

Each person has their right to live their Path as they see fit and that gladdens my heart - it is only the people that seem to think their word is law that upset me, the people that think because they have been on this Path for many years that they have the 'right' to dictate to others, and the people that use 'friendship' to manipulate others into doing what they want them to do .............

I would apologise for this blog - but these are my thoughts and feelings and being true to myself...

*rant over*

love, light, laughter and blessings to you all

Raven x x x

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  1. I bought a 'beginner' series of 3 dvds awhile ago and the woman in them (who is a HP I believe) was showing how to do rituals and got a student to also do a couple but they were so stoic and boring, there was no joy and it made me wonder why. Anyone watching would think the Craft is something tedious - if you can't have fun and find joy in it, why bother?