Friday, 11 January 2013

Energy ........... what is it and how do I use it?

I have to be honest and say I am totally gobsmacked at the amount of Witches and Druids out there that have absolutely no idea how to feel the energy of a tree, crystal or person... to me it's the foundation of my Spiritual work - I can't meditate without raising or releasing energy, I can't cast a circle or raise a spell without first being conscious of both my and the surrounding areas energy....

And yet........ it seems that there are lots of us that do all those things without knowing how to control the energy they raise, and believe me they raise energy!!!

So, what is the energy I'm talking about - well, dear reader, unfortunately, I have to dispell a myth - energy is not the 'flash, bang, wallop' that comes from the end of Harry Potter's wand - energy is the subtle tingle in your fingers, the shiver that runs down your spine, the goosebumps that raise the hairs on your arms.

How do you raise energy, well, that's slightly misleading because the short answer is - you don't - energy is all around us - touch the adapter of your laptop and it's hot - that's the energy running through it - well, there is energy running through and around you 24/7 ... it can't be turned off - but it can be controlled!

When we cast a circle we are 'harnessing' the energy into our field of work, when we 'send' energy to a loved one or for healing we are directing the energy.... what we, in my opinon, should learn as one of the first lessons is how to control the energy we are using - leave the laptop on for days and you'll blow the adaptor - it will overheat ... and it's the same with Spiritual energy, if you don't learn how to work with it - you'll blow your own charger!!!!

Anyway, that's my waffle and mini rant over with .........

love and blessings to all

Raven x x x


  1. I agree one of the first lessons is energy control.

    However I leave my laptop on all the time and hasn't blown yet. :P