Friday, 4 January 2013

Deep Freeze

Today I got back to doing my daily draw and as is my way I spoke to the Goddess first and today the discussion was about the way I was feeling a bit lost on my Path ... a bit disconnected and how I felt that I had lost my ' gifts'

So, I then picked up my cards and shuffled holding the thought in my head ..... what do I need to know today......

"Everything has its season.  Now is the time to put activity on hold while you rest"

This card is so apt for me, I've been so busy lately, what with one thing and another and I am convinced that my feelings of disconnection is because I have let the mundane takeover my life....

I have stopped taking the time to meditate and, well just to be me.....

So, today I am going to rest, relax and let what will!!!

Love Raven x x x

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