Saturday, 26 January 2013

Invitations, Glitter and Glue

Today I shall be mainly focusing on designing an invitation to a friends birthday party .... not quite sure how I got 'roped' into doing this, but hey ho - it's out with the glitter, glue and crafty stuff - letting the Inner Child out to play!

It got me thinking - when I was younger my Mum and Dad had house parties every Christmas - I remember the frantic haste on the day to get the house spotless so that by the end of the night it looked like a bomb had hit... I remember cooking vol au vents and mashing eggs in with mayonaise to fill the cases, I remember the hours spent pinning cheese and pineapple on to sticks, and then following that with cheese and onions and on one memorable occasion getting very adventurous and spearing cheese pineapple AND onion!!!

I don't know why or when the parties fizzled out, but I now look back and realise that those parties taught me some valuable lessons in life - like how to moderate my drink so I didn't end up laying on the floor talking to a fireplace, how to dance with my skirt tucked into my belt so I didn't show my knickers while doing the can-can ... LOL .....

People seem to have forgotten how to have simple fun, to just kick back and chill without the aid of a laptop, iPhone, iPad or TV........... so today I'm going back to my childhood - I'm going to get out my glitter, glue and pencils and design an invitation .....

love Raven x x x

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